Time Together

By Adlin Pinto

Watches: One of the most popular personal items of jewellery that have really consolidated their place as a luxury product; both stylish and functional.   A combination of technology and quality materials behind the watch is as important as the visual aesthetic, the meeting of craft, design and forward-thinking comes together now more than ever. One way of moving forward is to work in a creative partnership. Collaboration is part and parcel of moving forward in our creative world. Read more about Time Together here.

Rado the internationally renowned watch brand has come together with Dutch trend forecaster Li EdelKoort to create a brand new timepiece, with shared values and highlighting the art of ‘slowing down’.

Rado is known as the Master of Materials for the way it has revolutionised traditional watchmaking, leading the industry by introducing such game-changers as high-tech ceramics, ultra-light high-tech ceramics, colourful high-tech ceramic and CeramosTM to its design-led collections. It is a brand for those in the know’ and where other watch brands look towards for trends.

Li Edelkoort is a renowned Dutch trend forecaster who advises fashion companies and brands around the world in their business and sustainability practices, most recently focusing on textiles and circularity. Her latest trend forecast recognises a growing need for stillness and clarity, for authenticity and meaning in modern society.

Together with Rado, they have created a watch that reflects this zeitgeist. The Rado True Thinline Stillness invites you to intentionally take your time, in every single moment and for a lifetime.

Stillness is a lifestyle that this lady has encouraged us not just to think about but as something she sees as a big trend that is happening, that may have grown from lockdown as we realise our needs to take put time aside from a busy technology-driven social media ‘work work work’ world.


The new model delivers a modern interpretation of the design concept “less is more”. The 5 mm thin, warm-white high-tech ceramic case measuring 39 mm in diameter is adorned with a titanium back with sapphire crystal, which bears the words “Stillness Lidewij Edelkoort Since 2020”.

A white dial is presented under a curved white frosted-effect sapphire crystal. White hour and minute hands, a transparent Rado logo, and a high-tech ceramic bracelet in a matching colour complete the monochromatic look of this contemporary Swiss-made quartz watch.

The flowing shapes of the ultra-flat True Thinline served as inspiration, combining two of our most prominent innovations: The scratch-resistant high-tech ceramic and the pioneering monobloc construction.

The watch is presented for the first time in the new Rado packaging, which is all about reusability. Its centrepiece is a small high-quality box made from recycled plastic that can be used as a travel case. It is accompanied by a cardholder made from black cardboard. Instructions for use are omitted in favour of a QR code. Therefore wasting less paper.

Ultimately the emotion behind this watch is telling that time becomes a deliberately contemplative moment with the Rado True Thinline Stillness. “Knowing that time is in our hands while also forgetting it at the same time,” is how Li Edelkoort describes it. “Freeing ourselves from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives by extending awareness for a second, realising the majesty of a minute and grasping the empathy of an hour.” In this way, the new model gives us something that can be enjoyed anew every day: a moment of stillness and meaningfulness.

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