Tips for a festive home

By Jo Phillips

Christmas is creeping ever nearer, but there’s still time to add some festive decorations to make
your home feel festive – especially if you get creative.
Glasgow kitchen design experts DM Design has these tips for last-minute crafty tips for the
festive home. They’re cheap too, so you shouldn’t need to break the bank at the most expensive
time of the year!

1. Go outside and forage. Mother Nature has created some ready-made treats that make
wonderful decorations in the home. Go for a walk and see what you can find. Fresh holly
and cuttings of evergreen plants will bring the rich greens of nature straight into your
home, and a collection of pine cones – spritzed with white or silver spray paint – will
create a wonderful festive effect!

2. Dry citrus fruit. Display bowls and jars filled with dry citrus, in particular oranges, looks
and smell extremely festive. They’re easy to do yourself too! Thinly slice the fruit to start,
place on a baking sheet (stud with cloves for even more festivity) and bake on a low heat
for two hours (or until dried out). Delicious!

3. Have a jar or two. Mason jars – or old jam jars – can be filled with lots of festive items
that can give your home a festive vibe. Candles or battery-powered fairy lights add
illumination, and then you can mix with your choice of greenery, ribbons (not with a
naked flame!) dried fruit, baubles and other decorations.

4. Make the most of your Christmas cards. If you’re lucky enough to get an abundance
of Christmas cards, there’s plenty you can do with them. Glue the backs together into a
circle to make a wreath, or hang into a tree shape on the back of doors or a feature wall.

5. Get edible and incredible. Get your apron on and bake up a festive treat this winter.
But instead of eating the fruits of your labours, bake decorative treats instead. Try a
traditional gingerbread house (that can be demolished as soon as the big day is over) or
simple iced biscuits that look beautiful on the tree

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