To Bake Or To Wear

By Jo Phillips

Melting butter meets caramelised sugar a dash of sharp lemon, not a scent for the faint-hearted but for those of us that love cake, meringues and bakes. Even if we can’t eat it for allergies reasons or we don’t do carbs or sugars we know the utter joy of the crumbling morsels joined together with lashings of creams, jams or chocolates. The spike of joy in our hearts as we bite into its deep flavoured succulent spongy cushion and with it the oozing out of an adrenaline hit of filling. Birthdays, anniversaries in fact any day made sweeter with the joy of the Bake. How about capturing all of that in a bottle? Well now you can, meet Akro’s latest elixir BAKE and smell its aroma here in To Bake Or To Wear

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So what is the difference between temptation and addiction, well when it comes to cake who cares! Especially if this style of bake brings with it no calories, bad teeth or sore tummies.

The highly acclaimed scent Brand Akro has made its name by offering up earthly pleasures in ways of Romance, Tattoos, Tobacco, Alcohol, Chocolate, Cannabis, Caffeine, inspired fragrances. And now Cupcakes are in their arsenal of perfumes.

Thanks to the genius nose of fragrance expertise Master Perfumer Olivier Cresp and his forward-thinking daughter Anais eight extraordinary scents were born; seaweed, hazelnut, cumin and whiskey are just a few of the unconventional notes that shape this unique collection. Each an addictive facet of life, bottled in order to be a safer way to explore life’s fanciful ‘playtimes’

“Akro is for people that don’t like to say no, for people that live life through excess,”

Anais Cresp.

Now comes Bake and here especially lemon cupcakes. Those
puffy pillows of sweet sharp caramel lemon-ness here inspired by one particular bakery Crumbs & Dollies, In London’s swinging Carnaby street.

A favourite aroma of modern life they both find utterly alluring is that of bakeries and cake shops, the scent of fresh pastry and sticky sugar brightening up the most humdrum of days.

So what notes did Monsieur conjure up in order to bring his daughter’s favourite London bakery to life?

Of course, this divine liquor opens with lemons but not as you may imagine, here it’s lemon peel so slightly more rich, tart and intoxicating rather than just ‘bright’ maybe because the mixer contained a touch of rum too.

And also in the list of ingredients comes vanilla sandwiched into the middle with Chantilly cream with a base of brown sugar and praline notes of delicious sweetness.

Olivier’s expertise alongside his daughter’s ingenuity has seen them dip into the Fragrance ingredients of company Frimenich to bring forth perfumed palettes with the most striking facets. Think of this group o fragrances capturing the essence of a hit, a high, and a rush; everyday pleasures.

This very British Lemon bake is the latest to get not just us salivating, but our juices flowing well alongside their bottled juice. Akro is original. Always intriguing, sometimes polarising, and thankfully never predictable.

Bake is available from and Look EDP 100ml

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