To Enlighten and Enrich: The Power of a Simple Candle

By Julia Mantooth

The natural healing powers that exist in the world around us are not to be underestimated. Simple elements of our lives can instantly lift our spirits or bring a smile to our faces. While meandering through a nature trail, the scent of spring in the air, a furry squirrel might hop into your path. Maybe an autumnal evening where the call of the warm fireplace entrances you as you walk home and a leaf dances through the air until landing atop your head. Taking this step back from our digital world and reconnecting with nature can be a relieving experience that is difficult to replicate. Read more in To Enlighten and Enrich: The Power of a Simple Candle

While this may be true, it’s often not as simple as it seems to just take a step back from our busy lives. It can take time, effort, and travel, and can even be costly. Because of this, the replication of the healing we feel in nature has been attempted by many entrepreneurs. For example, the under-desk treadmill was invented to get our bodies moving without having to step outside and away from our hectic workstations.

Some within the wellness and fragrance industry have chosen to heavily lean into this concept. Conveying the enlightenment and enrichment that the natural world brings to our lives can be done with scent.

Breathing in the aromas of a pine forest or a wildflower grove can make us feel as though we are standing in the fresh air, even while sitting in the middle of our living rooms.

Simply put, igniting our senses may be the best way to simulate our experience within nature. AJA Botanicals, created by Tilly Wood, has taken this idea to the next level. This British fragrance brand was born from the inspiration that founder Tilly Wood gained from growing up in the English countryside.

The sights, scents, and sounds of this upbringing sparked Wood’s passion and love for the natural world. This passion has been translated into four unique fragrances, each containing an essence of the environment.

The four scents in AJA Botanicals’ portfolio are meant to encapsulate the best of the natural world around us. These incredibly grounded scents have been anointed with charming names such as Dreams and Hello, I Love You. All the scents are there for an emotive reaction and connection. Each scent comes in a minimalistic glass vessel in either white or black. But it’s the scents that are the stars of the show.

The simple delight of lighting a scented candle brings a rush of emotions whether the smells themselves connect with past memories or that simply they delight and lift your soul.

Smell is the most powerful of our five senses and has huge power to calm, invigorate, heal, relax, and comfort us. The simple act of using a scented waxed fragrance in your home or workplace is indicative of the power of scent.

Staying true to the core of the brand, the ingredients used to create each fragrance are minimal, pure, and locally sourced. With scents of pure essential oils like fir needle, frankincense, oakmoss, and jasmine, the essence of our natural landscape is preserved.

Dreams: Angelica, fragonia, spikenard, and fir needle essential oils

Hello, I Love You: Jasmine, bergamot, geranium, and frankincense essential oils

Into the Mystic: Cedarwood, oakmoss, lavender, and galbanum essential oils

Walk on the Wild Side: Labdanum, cade, cabreuva, and oakmoss essential oils

The brand’s new pop-up store has opened in central London, located at 19 Air Street. Here, you can be instantly transported into nature right off of Piccadilly Circus.

Reconnecting with nature may be possible without having to leave the comfort of our homes. Igniting our imaginations with scent can transport us anywhere we desire.

To find out more about Aja Botanicals, please visit here

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