Tom Ford: Private Blend Venetian Bergamot

By Jo Phillips

Tom Ford‘s new Private Blend Venetian Bergamot is a complex fragrance with ingredients from worldwide sources.  When you smell Venetian Bergamot, you are taken on a journey similar to that of the workers who extracted the spices and scents from their original sources.


This intricate perfume is carefully designed with different layers of scents.  You initially smell the citrus from the sunshine-filled south of Italy, specifically from Calabria.  The scents of the bustling Northern cities come next, and you imagine yourself amongst the grandiose palazzos, traveling amongst the people eagerly trading flowers and other goods, breathing in their aromas and those of the crisp spices being sold nearby. Bergamot’s fresh elegance is fused with the history and sensory features of Venice, intermingled with the unique interpretation of Mr. Ford.  Besides the predominant smells of Italy, odors from Africa make an appearance.  Black and pink peppercorn can be detected alongside ginger essence, which support the warm vibe released from the fragrance.  This completes the top-note of the perfume.

Rich floral essences dominate the mid-note scent, adding an air of freshness to the amalgamation.  Madagascar ylang ylang transmits an enticing floral note as well. Magnolia from China joins with a Gardenia accord, common in many high-end perfumes, to increase the floral texture by another layer.

To contrast with the sweet, floral flavor, two species of Cedarwood transmit the wood’s coniferous roots to form the base of the perfume. Pepperwood contributes a deep, earthy addition, whereas a creamy Sandalwood piece from Australia contributes to the overall warmth of the perfume.  Cooked tonka intensifies the coumarin-vanilla flavor in concordance with amber touches and a cashmere accord.  Together, they extend and prolong Venetian Bergamot’s tasteful distinction.

As with most private blend perfumes, Mr. Ford’s Venetian Bergamot attracts consumers not only with its distinctly rare fragrance, but with its outward appearance.  Venetian Bergamot is packaged in the signature Private Blend bottle inspired by perfumers’ dark brown apothecary bottles. The 50 ml flask was created with the lustrous, architectural demeanor of a chess piece. The 250 ml container adds beauty to whatever table it sits on with the expert craftsmanship behind its production. Both sizes are adorned with splashes of gold on the label and a curly tie, making it overall a lovely set.



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