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By Jo Phillips

What Does It Take to Become a Personal Trainer Influencer?

Today, fitness influencers play a huge part in the personal training industry and tend to have a large impact on exercise and diet trends. One of the best parts of being a social media influencer is that it’s open to anybody. If you are a personal trainer or working towards this career, having some social media presence is a great way to expand your client base, influence and earnings. These simple steps to becoming a personal trainer influencer will help to boost your online presence and build your business through social media.

Becoming a Personal Trainer:

First of all, qualifying as a personal trainer is an important first step to take, although there’s nothing stopping you from sharing your passion for fitness and any health tips that you think your audience will enjoy online. Taking an online personal trainer course allows you to not only work towards your qualification but learn more important information that you can add to your online content. There are plenty of different personal trainer courses to choose from. Train Fitness offers a range of personal training courses that you can choose to study online, at a local college or a combination of both. Use Train Fitness to find a personal training course that is ideal for you in terms of length, study time, and the qualification offered. Look here for more information:

Decide on a Social Channel

Every different social media platform has a purpose, and while many influencers work across a range of social networks, you certainly do not have to be on all of them in order to achieve success. Instagram and Facebook are the two most popular social networks for fitness influencers as they make it easy to share both information and visuals like photographs and videos that are important for getting your message across as a fitness professional. Consider a few different factors when choosing the right social networks for you, especially when it comes to which one your target market is more likely to use.

Fill a Fitness Niche

With so many people turning to fitness influencing online, it’s important to come up with a plan that allows you to stand out in this field. A huge part of your planning should be determining where exactly you fit in when it comes to current social media influencers and pages. While you could do what everybody else is doing, filling a niche and doing something a little different to everybody else in order to stand out will help you get more attention. Do some research into current social media sites, pages and influencers to see what’s missing and fill that gap.

Post Interesting Content Often

Posting interesting content on a regular basis is key to becoming a successful social media influencer in any niche. If you don’t post, your followers are going to lose interest very quickly and follow somebody else instead. You should aim to post at least once a day and come up with content that’s relevant, interesting, meaningful and engaging. For example, this could include educational posts with videos or photos to help your followers learn something new about fitness, networking posts to help you connect with other professionals in the field, or inspirational posts to inspire others with your own fitness journey. You can also post promotional content to encourage followers to take action such as signing up for your classes or joining your email list but keep these at around 20% of the total amount that you post.

Work with Other Influencers

To make an impact as an influencer, linking up and connecting with other influencers is often essential. Find your favourite fitness influencers and reach out to them to collaborate with the ones that have a similar message and values to yourself and your own philosophy. It’s worth sharing content from other influencers, but don’t stop there. Get in touch with them directly and ask them to reciprocate; perhaps share some links to your posts with them that you think their followers will enjoy.

Engage with Your Followers

Unless you are already a celebrity, the best way to develop a big social media following is to post great content on a regular basis and engage with the people that consume it. Engage with your followers as much as you can; don’t make the mistake of simply posting and then walking away. Set aside some time each day to respond to direct messages, reply to comments, and ask questions directly to your followers that they can respond to. Doing this will not only improve your follower base but will also help you find out more about your followers and their preferences so that you can tailor your future content to suit them better.

Whether you are already working as a personal trainer or looking to get into this career, becoming an online fitness influencer is a great way to boost your brand and gain more followers for your fitness business.

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