Transform: Swimmingly Different

By Adrien Communier

Architecture and interior design can be sometimes really unexpected and as summer still hasn’t showed up, we thought it might be a great idea to give you some ideas on what to make out of your swimming pool if you think waiting for the sun is not worth it.

Back in 2014, Japanese architect Nobuo Araki turned an interior swimming pool into a fashion store in Tokyo, Japan. After not being used for years by the building’s occupants, Araki decided to design “The Pool Aoyama” store using the original shape as a framework for the entire design. Araki used wooden elements and glass to cover the floor in order to keep the idea of water surface and depth. In the same spirit, Walk Interior Architect & Design converted an outside pool into a studio office mixing the original metallic identity of the pool elements to a brand new white and urban feel. Walk Interior ID currently uses this space as their own work place in Southampton. In Manhattan, NYC, Future Green Studio transformed an underutilized rooftop swimming pool into an innovative food experience for its clients. Based in the heart of Manhattan, the Press Lounge, a farm-to-table restaurant.


Transforming a swimming pool into something completely unexpected and different does not just work one way round. Piscine Molitor in Paris used to be an amazing graffiti spot after its closure in 1989. Artists would meet there to elaborate new design and also improve their skills. In 2013, the complex was rebuilt from the ground to give birth to two brand new luxurious pools and a four-star hotel.

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