Transform: Your Signature Summer Scent

By Jo Phillips

Summer is coming and with it, a fabulous new array of fragrances from your favourite perfumers. Fresh to the market, keep telling yourself that you can’t have enough perfumes, you don’t want to miss these.

.Cent are as loyal as ever keeping you updated on the latest fragrances on the stands, so sit back and begin writing your wish list.

Penhaligons – Equinox Bloom



Penhaligon’s London first gourmand fragrance, Equinox Bloom, is inspired by the quintessentially British practice of afternoon tea. This is a transitional scent, ideally for Winter moving swiftly into a lighter Spring and is made up of chantilly, frangipani and brown sugar, blended with violet leaves, orange blossom absolute and jasmine sambac and laced with the Oriental richness of benzoin siam and ambrox.

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Comme des Garçons – CDG Dot


CDG Dot is full of leafy greenness, bitter orange and pepper, blended with osmanthus absolute and olibanum. At the depth of the fragrance white amber woods compliments the blend, capturing the suave floralcy of the Comme des Garçons customer.

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Etat Libre d’Orange – Eau De Protection Rossy de Palma


Devoted to Spanish actress Rossy de Palma, the most dominant note within Etat Libre d’Orange’s celebrity inspired fragrance is rose, reminiscent of her garden in Madrid. The unusual scent is one of a kind, uniting rose notes with ginger, black pepper, bergamot, Bulgarian rose, jasmine, frankincense, patchouli cocoa and benzoin.

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The Merchant of Venice – Infusion de Fleurs


This mysterious scent inspired by travels and becoming unforgettable is taken from The Merchant of Venice’s Murano collection, reminiscent of the ancient Mediterranean cities of Venice. The flower fusion of Damascus rose, violet leaves of Provence, aquatic rose, narcotic jasmine, vanilla bourbon and freesia creates a rare and luxurious gem expressing pure femininity.

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