News: Transform Yourself At Sea

By Jo Phillips

What do the words “wellness travel” conjure up in your mind? A destination for luxury, a land based resort? A yoga retreat ? Trekking, high octane adrenaline water rafting? Or if may be you had the opportunity to take a holiday with all the  usual expectations of sun, sea, good food and combine it with activities tailored to your specific health and fitness needs, alongside experiencing culture, does that sound more enticing?


Well, what about The wellness experience as a new way to holiday and a new way to exercise and play? Well what about this industry first ? A collaboration with MSC Cruises with TECHNOGYM. Together they are launching a wellness experience to meet the growing trend of  healthy holidays. Catering to many who would have otherwise steered clear of cruising and or exercise.

If you are a seasoned exerciser that wants the availability and choice of familiar fitness equipment, and ability to continue with your regular training program. Staying active with on board outdoor activities or you are a total beginner wanting to start on a path to a healthier lifestyle, with qualified support form on board master trainer with amazing backdrops. May be you are recovering from health issues and want to get back on track. The wellness experience may well be just what you have always wanted. A cruise holiday with a wellness package built in.


The wellness experience begins before boarding, with the Aspirational Finder – an online questionnaire developed by Technogym research department to gather information and establish motivations. This results in a personalised Aspirational Map, which you follow for the duration of the cruise, this is an individual program devised and delivered in a one-on-one appointment with the  MSC Master trainer. Guests also receive a medical check-up with the MSC Doctor, which is an ideal opportunity to discuss previous or on going medical concerns, thereby being reassured you are in safe professional hands.

Guests then have access to the MyWellness app on their mobile devise which tracks movement, (which could be training indoors on gym machines, the ARKE range of functional equipment or outdoor activities), and sets daily targets which is a great motivational tool for exercise enthusiasts and beginners. Personalised training programs can include: shape, power, sport, move and fun, track appointments and fitness class schedules. There are of course the familiar classes available such as Zumba and Pilates as well as Technogym innovation classes.

It’s not just exercise on board. Go active offshore to compliment the on board fitness program. Discover the sights whilst keeping healthy. Programmes include jogging around Mount Olympus, a bike tour round Copenhagen, hiking up Mount Fløyen in Norway, a triathlon in Cozumel comprising kayaking, running and snorkling, or beach training in Rio de Janeiro.


While exercise gets you fit, good nutrition will get you lean. With an average weight gain of one pound per day when cruising, due to the  food on offer throughout the day with numerous restaurants and buffets. Particular favourites being the Midnight buffet (where guests have been known to set their alarms and get back up to eat) and the indulgent chocolate buffet. This can result in guests boarding as passengers and leaving as cargo. With all this temptation on tap. the wellness experience on MSC Cruises combats this with a wide range of wellness menu options, with a strong emphasis on nutrition, developed in partnership with Technogym. The buffet will have a dedicated wellness corner with a choice of dishes designed to match the needs of the different program profiles. The main restaurant will also serve healthy options that will be clearly distinguished on the menu, and there will be a wellness room service breakfast menu. A range of protein and energy drinks, as well as an array of other wellness beverages will be available in the SPA.


Guests booking the Wellness Experience will get a choice of staterooms (space) on the upper decks (views and fresh air) and in the most desirable areas of the ship. Guests will be provided with a wellness mat and Technogym Wellness Bag, as well as sports clothing and towel. The stateroom will also have a wellness themed mini-bar stocked with sports drinks and a Fitness TV channel with videos created by Technogym so you can workout in your room. In addition, the laundry for the guest’s workout gear provided by MSC Cruises is included.

 Up to 7 days cruising – x1 active excursion , 7days – x2 active excursions , 7+ days – x3 excursions .

The Wellness Experience will be available onboard MSC Cruises’ ships starting in April 2017.  It is now open for booking for cruises starting in April 2017. Prices for UK guests start at £629 per person on seven-night Med sailings [cruise-only].


per person (price includes the cost of the cruise and the experience).

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