Transformative Touch

By Chloe Mercier-Legros

Donatella Versace once said, “A dress is a weapon“. Clothes are more than mere coverings; they are an extension of identity. They have the power to transform appearances, instilling confidence and influencing perception. Similarly, makeup serves as a tool for self-expression and enhancement, allowing individuals to project their desired image. Beyond aesthetics, both clothes and makeup act as armour, shielding us from external elements and possessing the power to transform and transcend. Find out more in Transformative Touch.

With its astounding range of colours, textures, and techniques, makeup offers a dynamic platform for self-reinvention, for men just as well as for women. Like a sculptor or a painter, one can use makeup to draw attention to a flamboyant smile, it’s used to deepen and sharpen a glance, recreate the kiss of the sun on the skin, or mimic a warm flush of emotion on the cheeks.

In a world where appearances often shape our perceptions, the power of makeup is transcending, offering a transformative journey that can uncover hidden truths and forge unlikely connections. In the movie “Makeup”, written and produced by Hugo André and Will Masheter, is told the story of Sacha, a quiet French ex-chef, and Dan, a well-respected London stockbroker with a secret desire to become a burlesque dancer.

The profound impact that makeup can have on individuals from different walks of life is exemplified as we delve into their tale of self-discovery and friendship. The remarkable potential of makeup to empower and reveal the authentic selves that lie beneath the surface is unveiled.

For Dan, makeup is a transformative tool that allows him to express creativity, convey emotions, and ultimately feel more confident and empowered than he ever has been in his “alpha male” lifestyle.

Through their shared journey, we witness the remarkable ability of makeup to allow individuals to break free from societal constraints, embrace their passions, and form unlikely friendships.

Makeup becomes a language that transcends words, a fusion of art and alchemy, breaking free from traditional stereotypes. It evolves into a unisex medium of self-expression, embracing diversity and inclusivity. Through this transformative power, makeup pushes individuals to manifest their innermost desires, break societal norms, and embrace their authentic selves.

Similarly, “Tootsie“, a comedy film released in 1982, directed by Sydney Pollack explores the power of makeup as a transformative tool for personal change.

In “Tootsie“, Michael Dorsey is a talented but difficult actor struggling to find work. With the help of makeup, a wig, and feminine attire, Michael transforms into Dorothy, a strong-willed woman who becomes a sensation.

The power of makeup in “Tootsie” goes beyond physical transformation. Through his alter ego, the main character challenges norms regarding gender roles. Same as in “Makeup“, the power of makeup in “Tootsie” extends to the relationships between characters. Through his portrayal of Dorothy, Michael brings attention to the importance of empathy, understanding, and the breaking down of gender barriers, ultimately leading to personal growth.

Moreover, another captivating work of art tackling the power of makeup is the classic “The Rocky Horror Picture Show“. One aspect of the film that stands out is the transformative power of makeup, which plays a significant role in the story.

Makeup in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” serves as a crucial tool for self-expression and identity exploration. The film’s characters embody a diverse range of gender and sexual identities, challenging traditional norms and celebrating individuality. The makeup worn by the characters becomes a visual representation of their personalities and desires, a way to express themselves, just like Dan in “Makeup“.

If a dress may be a weapon, makeup is a shield. Its transformative capabilities, its protective role, and its ability to defy gender norms demonstrate its immense and colourful power. Its ability to empower individuals, facilitate self-expression, and challenge societal norms makes it a real force in shaping personal identities and pushing for a better society, through colourful and creative artistry.

Makeup” will be available to watch from June 27th.

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