Transport through the pages

By Natalia Jaramillo

As you’re sitting on the sofa with your feet up on the living room coffee table on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the waft of the vase full of roses in front of you brings you back to your stroll in nature, reminiscing about the colourful meadow and the feel of the long green, pink and red coloured flowers that tickled your calves. The sunlight that warmed your face while you inhaled the sweet smell of the flower-filled field you were walking through makes you feel so excited to get back out for a stroll.

When you aren’t able to go out for a warm walk in the park, pick up a book about nature. That’s where nature book guides meet, they transport you through nature. You are walking through the grassy fields smiling in the warm sunshine all from the comfort of your couch while reading one of the three books below. These books make the smell, feel and beauty of nature come alive through their photography and descriptions. You will experience the yin-yang of reading while being transported to nature through the Field guide to the wildflowers while Voysey’s sketches of animals are perfect for the imagination of animals along your walk and The London guide to green spaces will actually help you plan your next wander around the park.  

Field Guide To The Wild Flowers of the Eastern Mediterranean 

Field Guide to the Wild Flowers of the Eastern Mediterranean by Chris Thorogood

This comprehensive guide to over 3,000 plant identification of the Eastern Mediterranean will help you discover the beauty within the area. It is the “most comprehensive and up-to-date plant identification guide” available. It covers the wide area of the Ionian Archipelago, mainland Greece, Peloponnese, Aegean Islands, Crete, Cyprus and Mediterranean Turkey all the way to the coasts of Israel, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria. Author Chris Thorogood, Head of Science at the University of Oxford Botanic Garden, who has a Ph.D. in plant Biology wrote this book for his fellow nature lovers, specifically those who fancy new plant species. This book is perfect for the traveler who wants to be able to name all the beautiful plants they will see while on their stunning stroll through nature.

Voysey’s Birds and Animals 

Voysey’s Birds and Animals published by Thames & Hudson in association with the V&A

This book is filled with pictures of animals and birds hand-drawn or watercoloured by renowned 19th and 20th-century designer Charles Francis Annesley or better known as C.F.A. Voysey. He is said to be “one of the best known and most enduringly popular designers of the Arts and Crafts Movement ” by the author Karen Livingstone. Livingstone, who is the Director of Masterplan and Estate at the Science museum, includes her opinion on Voysey’s art as an expert on his lifelong work and the time period in which he emerged. This book is perfect as a gift to a friend who loves modern art and classic patterned designs to help them feel as though they are walking through nature from their living room. 

An Opinionated Guide to London Green Spaces 

An Opinionated Guide to London Green Spaces by Hoxton Mini Press

Filled with beautiful green spaces, parks, and inner-city spots this is a guide to the lesser-known spots in the London area. This book gives even life long Londoners a new guide on where to go to feel the happiness of taking a stroll through nature. The guide features the photography of the parks as well as commentary and directions on how to get there. This top 50 guide is perfect for anyone visiting London or a true Londoner themselves, as author Harry Adès who is a born and raised Londoner promises you won’t be disappointed by the new green spots he recommends.  

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