Travel Apps

By Jo Phillips

Mobile Travel Apps That Will Keep You Organized. How do you manage your travel itinerary? Are you using Google Calendar, Trello or something else? If you don’t want to get lost among hundreds of other apps, start using the mobile apps that experts recommend. There are several travel apps available today. They help you plan trips more efficiently and can save you tons of time and real money!

Travel Apps Ranked

1. TripIt – Free and Paid Apps

You may have heard about this app, but never tried it out before. It works with Gmail and allows you to automatically sync your flight information from all of your emails into a single calendar. The free version doesn’t include any airline extras but for $10/month you can track over 20 airlines while you play best online casino games. You can also pay per trip if you need to book multiple flights in one go.

2. ITA Matrix – $3.99/month

This is another app worth looking at because it gives you access to a huge network of agents that will search across dozens of airline loyalty programs for you. You can then quickly buy tickets and change them based on which ones work best. 

3. Skyscanner – Free & Paid Apps

Skyscanner has a lot going for it: price comparison, hotel booking, flight booking, trains and buses, car hire and much more. While the online baccarat web interface is great, sometimes it’s easier to use their app instead. This way you won’t be stuck searching through thousands of reviews or websites. 

4. Google Flight Search – Free

Google is trying to become everyone’s travel assistant. With its app, you can search for hotels, cars and flights all in one place. You simply enter what you’re planning to do and it shows you results based on that criteria. 

5. Travel Time – Free

If you’re not familiar with how long your trip will take, this app can help. All you have to do is input when you’ll leave and where and it’ll tell you how many hours are left and whether you should add more stops. 


To sum up, there are plenty of reasons why travel apps rank high on our list. From tracking down deals to finding things around town, these mobile apps can really make your life simpler when travelling abroad. 

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