Imitate: Travel The World

By Catarina Wilk

Do you know this feeling? Sometimes you just want to escape from your usual surroundings. 
You want to see a new environment, different people; a different city. This specific feeling is called ‘wanderlust’ which basically describes the “strong desire or urge to wander or travel and explore the world“.

From London, Amsterdam, Paris to New York, the hotel brand citizenM is “a hotel brand named for its guests”. These days, travelling is even more about exploring the world, so in celebration of modern day travellers or “modern day nomads”, as it is said in the book title itself, citizenM has created a book dedicated to its numerous guests.


Without any doubt, do disturb – encounters with modern day nomads by citizenM and MENDO captures moments of joy, freedom and true happiness. The pictures speak for themselves…Each of the photographs taken by Desiré van den Berg, a highly-rated 24 year-old Dutch photographer, shows the atmosphere of four completely different, but equally beautiful metropols and citizenM‘s various and diverse guests through her camera lens.

citizenM_NewYork_MENDO_Jeff_02 med res
photo: citizenM

photo: citizenM

photo: citizenM

photo: citizenM

Along with incredibly expressive images, each photograph of do disturb – encounters with modern day nomads by citizenM and MENDO features a personal note of the people shown and explains “the purpose of their visit, a little about themselves, their name and age and the one thing they would never travel without”.
What does a Spanish pharmacist always carry around while travelling? Who needs spray nozzles on trips? With more than 100 urban travellers photographed, the photography book does not only showcase amazing cities but also gives a more in-depth look into the reasons why people travel the world. That means, it gives us as a reader the chance to get to know many different people and allows us to follow them on their journey while being at home…

What an inspirational book which literally screams “Travel the world”!

Copies will be on sale at MENDO bookstores within citizenM hotels and available for all citizenM travellers to enjoy or here.

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