Travel Through Scent; From Venice with Love

By Imogen Hart

Picture yourself sitting alongside the canal on a hot day in Venice. The sun coats your face, forcing you to close your eyes and absorb the warm rays overwhelming you with bliss. A cool breeze carries the scent of hot holiday air. Alongside the canal sit a range of cafés, restaurants and florists which combine in order to create a distinct array of scents, unique yet familiar.

You lean your head back, and take a deep breath. Every inhalation fills your nostrils with a different scent, allowing you to explore the depths of Venice with your sense of smell. You are hypnotised by the scent of jasmine, rose, and magnolia coming from the abundance of fresh flowers that surround you.

The cool breeze carries the scent of leather from the shoes and bags of those people sitting in the cafés and combines with the warm wood of the boats floating in the canal. Sat outside a café, you are immersed into the smell of fresh food, the aromatic scent of rocket combines with the fresh fruit as you stand up to stroll alongside the canal, excited to explore the Venetian streets further. 

In times where it is unclear when you’re next going to travel, imagine if you could travel to the bliss of northern Italy using your mind and senses. Valmont has made this possible with their three groundbreaking fragrance collections.

Well-known for their luxurious skincare, Valmont have been creating anti-aging products to mask the signs of age for over thirty years, using information of DNA to create luxury skincare products.

Adding to this, Valmont also have an incredible range of fragrances. In 2018, Valmont introduced their first line of extrait de parfum fragrances; ‘Storie Veneziane‘. Inspired by the beautiful city of Venice, the Storie Veneziane range contains five breath-taking fragrances which are available in 8.5ml, 50ml and 100ml. The bottles for these fragrances were crafted by renowned glass-artist Leonardo Cimonlin, each bottle is inspired by the intricate craft of Murano glass (which is, of course, Venitian) which makes these fragrances undoubtedly unique and beautiful.


This perfume is inspired by femininity. With notes of jasmine, this fragrance is heady, floral and fresh.


Made for men and women; this fragrance combines the scents of thorned rose, oud wood and pink berries to create a unique and natural scent.


Combining cocoa and patchouli succumbs, this earthy fragrance has a unique chocolate undertone.


Amber mixes with sandalwood and cardamom in this fragrance to create a spicy and bold aroma.


This perfume includes notes of syringa flower, papyrus and vanilla to create a green, floral scent.

The second Valmont fragrance collection ‘Collezione Privata‘ is a line of three breath-taking women’s eau de perfume fragrances that have been designed to represent three different expressions of femininity; each developed to appeal to different types of women.


This seductive scent is aimed at elegant women and contains notes of pink berries, jasmine and almond to create a confident fragrance.


This fragrance is fascinating and sensual, created with an intellectual women in mind; this perfume is packed with scents of rose and saffron.


Packed with chocolate chips, black pepper and magnolia; this fragrance is incredibly unique and complex.

The newest collection, ‘Palazzo Nobile‘ includes six eau de toilette easy-to-wear perfumes. Many of the fragrances included in this collection are androgynous and are therefore to be used and explored by all genders. Designed to capture life’s most cherishable moments; these floral fragrances are inspired by human emotion.


This fragrance combines the smells of fresh flowers to create a floral scent for every occasion.


This powdery fragrance is packed with aniseed in order to create a sweet and unique scent.


This confident fragrance combines the scents of iris and juniper berries, creating an aromatic and stylish fragrance.


Including notes of cedar wood and jasmine, this floral scent is unmistakably fresh and wearable for all.


Inspired by sea breeze and salty air, this coastal fragrance is fresh and nostalgic.


This fresh fragrance is inspired by citrus; packing a zesty kick, this unique fragrance contains notes of green apple and bamboo.

With the beautiful landscape of the Swiss Mountains to draw inspiration from, the Gullian family founded Valmont in the 1980s. Derived from a family of art dealers; Didier Gullian intertwines artistry into every product, shop and design created for Valmont.

The Gullian family pride themselves on their heritage and up-keep of tradition when it comes to creating new and exciting products. Their motto, “When Art Meets Beauty” highlights the passion that owners Sophie and Didier hold for blending the two worlds together to create breathtaking and unique products; of which their fragrances are no exception.

Walking into the depths of Venice, you discover something new with every turn. Whether it be the architecture, the scent or the shadows; each street is different, a hidden gem waiting to be explored.

Storie Veneziane

Collezione Privata

Palazzo Nobile

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