Travel through time: Ancienne Ambiance

By Jo Phillips

The beauty of well crafted perfume is that it has the power to nonetheless tell stories, but make you travel through time, places and even centuries.
If there would have to be an expert in this field, it would certainly be the notorious fragrance brand Ancienne Ambiance. Indeed, the London based luxury brand, one of the world’s finest fragrances and hand-poured scented candles creator, focuses on scents drawn from the rich ancient world, sharing their love and sensibility towards anything antiquated. Since 2004, when the brand was founded by the influential, and four generations family run business, Antiquities gallery Artmission,it has never stopped to bring back the forgotten times to life.

This season, open your senses to the delicious world of citrus and fruits, with Ancienne Ambiance’s Colonia collection. Each cologne, with its unique and irresistible scent, was meticulously created in France by Adriana Carlucci, the founder of the brand. Let’s take a closer look to those irresistible fragrances:

Colonia IV, Eau de Cologne


Explore the beauty of the exquisite and classic sent of citrus with Colonia IV. Mouthwatering notes of Italian lemon, orange, bergamot and tangerine are beautifully accorded to notes of neroli and lavender, creating a fresh yet elegant statement fragrance.

Colonia VI, Eau de Cologne


Sweet yet fresh, lively yet chic, those are the words that perfectly describe this complex and refine perfume. Indeed, the cologne first opens with refreshing notes of Argentinian lemon and florida orange, but quickly the irresistible heart notes of blackcurrant and geranium take overt, delivering a unique and enchanting scent.

Colonia VII, Eau de Cologne


If you can’t decide between fruity and fresh, Colonia VII is the perfect match. This vibrating fragrance, with notes of pink grapefruit, blackcurrant and marshmallow, is perfect for the warm and sweet summer days, wrapping you in a charming balm of innovative scents.

Nonetheless does the scent of the Colonia collection celebrate the ancient world, yet also its beautiful hand crafted column shape glass bottles are an ode to antiquity.

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