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By Keny Kakadia

We cannot travel the world right now and with this coming month being the most exciting time of the year with the holiday season upon us, it is also one of the most popular times to travel, yet we can’t. We want to discover warmer climbs, see new horizons but we have to stand still right now, but what we can do is definitely discover new local destinations and even help local communities economically y spending in the location. Yet there is great news for the art lover and the travel lover from leading international travel and lifestyle brand Tumi. This Christmas season Tumi is putting together an innovative initiative. They have partnered with eleven world-known street artists who have created amazing customized cases with a charity raffle towards Waves For Water. In Travel with Art experience Travel in your mind’s eye with a world-famous street artist, give to charity without leaving the house

Image on left Remi Rough

TUMI the leading international travel and lifestyle brand has partnered with eleven world-known street artists to support a noble cause.

The artists are led by JonOne, the American graffiti pioneer, converted the brand’s iconic 19 Degree Aluminum silhouette into a unique art piece. He then bought in another 11 other artists from around the world to participate. In total, they are 26 pieces in the collection. These truly unique items will be a part of a charity raffle to aid the charity Waves For Water.

“Freedom is everything. My work is all about freedom, it is abstract, it is freestyle, you paint what you want to paint. La liberté of expression. We are supporting W4W to give people the essential freedom of having access to clean water.” says Jonone.

This artistic collection has been inspired by the topic Freedom. The freedom to express yourself, the freedom to explore, the freedom to communicate. To stay active no matter the circumstances, to dream in colours and put dreams into reality.

TUMI invites all art lovers and travel lovers, along with loyal customers, to purchase a water filter to support the upcoming Waves for Water implementation in the region of Southeast Asia.

The participants in the raffle will get a chance to win one of these amazing one-off 19 Degree personalized cases. From November till Christmas (26th December) The winners will be randomly selected. The collection will be live in the TUMI digital Art Gallery on, revealing all masterpieces with details alongside the stories of their creators.

“Symbolically all comes together, the shape of the 19 Degree suitcases and the water, a Caribbean artist coming from the Dominican Republic where people have water issues,”says Jonone

Since 2016, TUMI and Waves For Water supporting and doing the noble cause by providing clean water to communities in need around the world. Since the beginning of the partnership, TUMI conducts an annual in-store event and even promotes it via social media on the occasion of World Water Day. Waves For Water has been able to implement more than 1,350 filtration systems, 417 rain catchment systems, and 12 wells, impacting 518,000+ people, around the world.  Also last year in September 2019, TUMI Europe joined the 1% for the Planet family charity organisation and committed to donating 1% of the Recycled Collection annual sales towards additional support for Waves For Water projects.

The brilliant creatives behind this magnificent art bags are:

US/ France – JonOne – @jonone_156, Germany – Stohead – @stohead, Germany – Mina – @theminamania, Monaco – Mr. OneTeas – @mroneteas, Portugal – Kruella d’Enfer – @kruelladenfer, Spain – Antonyo Marest – @antonyomarest, Sweden – Huge – @hugeart, Switzerland – Bust – @artofbust, Switzerland – Xavier Magaldi – @xaviermagaldi, UK – David Schillinglaw – @davidshillinglaw, UK – Remi Rough – @remirough

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