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What does Tri-Active mean? When it comes to skincare it simply means a three-pronged attack to strengthen the skin’s microbiome, to deliver supple hydration, whilst protecting from oxidative stress. Help build resilience with Espa’s new age-defying Tri-Active cellular Renewal Cleanser, read More here in Tri-Active

A diverse, balanced microbiome is important for a healthy body and strong immune system. We know all about gut health when it comes to healthy eating to keep the body in perfect balance but what about our skin. The skin has its own unique ecosystem, one that needs to be kept in balance just like our tummies.

Skin flora, also known as skin microbiota, refers to microbiota that resides in thousands on our skin. Most are found in the superficial layers of the epidermis and the upper parts of hair follicles. They are usually harmless and can even be healing, microflora can aid immunity, for some but they can also cause some skin diseases and of course, common complaints like acne.

Washing skin repeatedly can damage the protective external layer and cause transepidermal loss of water. This can be seen in roughness like scaling and dryness, and itchiness. The skin’s ecosystem needs to be kept in balance, however, like in the gut, there are many things that can throw a healthy skin microbiome off course. It’s not always possible to avoid all of these factors, which is why it’s important to know how to restore the skin microbiome

Instantly revitalising the appearance of tired and dull skin, is top of the list for most of us, but cleaning doesn’t mean stripping. The Tri-active Regenerative collection from Espa, with its cleanser, eye Complex and Cellular renewal liquid exfoliator as well as moisturisers serums and treatment oils makes up the collection.

The two newest products are The dual-phase cleanser that melts into a lipid-rich oil to effortlessly lift away impurities, pollution and daily grime whilst nurturing the skin’s microbiome, its first line of defence against the onslaught of environmental aggressors​.

This product stimulates the skin’s natural cycle of cellular renewal with both a physical exfoliant and gentle natural acids. Removes dead skin cells and sweeps away impurities, leaving a luminous and smooth complexion.  

All of us need to clean environmental aggressors, pollution, fatigue, extreme weather, and dirt from our skins on a twice-daily basis

More so if you are a city dweller, or you are blemish-prone as well as if you are sleep-deprived from too much blue screen light. The whole Tri-Active Resilience Collection is suited perfectly for all ages from stressed young adults to ageing skins.

The eye cream is also new to the collection. A multi-action eye complex that tackles visible signs of skin ageing by delivering around-the-clock eye contour care with potent naturals.  A silky and lightweight product that contains a gentle yet powerful cocktail of age-defying actives with clinically proven results. 

Here to reduce puffiness, under-eye bags, dark circles, plump dehydrated skin, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles with this rejuvenating and smoothing complex. A blend of probiotics, green tea, pomegranate and caffeine that helps reduce visible signs of ageing 

Key ingredients that make up these products include:-

Phyto-Collagen – Botanically-derived amino acid complex, designed to mimic skin’s natural collagen leaving skin hydrated and plumped 

A trio of Bio Retinols (Bidens Pilosa, Dew Bean, Rambutan Leaf) improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin texture and even skin tone 

Velvet Horn Seaweed here to hydrate and plumps with moisture 

Damask Rose so renowned for its replenishing and calming properties 

Pro-active and Preventative, these supercharged blends strengthen the skin’s microbiome by delivering protection whilst delicately hydrating and clearing the complexion from blemishes.  This collection also supports a balanced microbiome which contributes greatly toward healthy-looking and resilient skin for age-defying excellence. 

So, protect and prepare your skin for life just like you do with your gut to look and feel triple as good as before

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