TRIM; In Conversation with Roland Mouret

By Jo Phillips

In a conversation with Cent Magazine, designer and perfumer Roland Mouret talks about everything under the sun. With Cent’s Jo Phillips (and an inquisitive crowd), the topic shifts from reinventing his career 20 years after it began, to the nature of smells and how clothes and perfumes can let a person define themselves (or be defined by them), and so much more.

Our interview begins with a discussion of Mouret’s decision to go into perfumes – mirroring his decision 20 years ago to become a designer. With no formal training but the precision and skill learned from his father’s butcher shop, he made the decision to move to London and make it as a designer. Now, having ventured into perfumes, Mouret is excited by everything he has learned, and still has to learn.

Available in full, the interview will shed light on the process behind Mouret’s creativity – taking the listener along for a ride that begins with a spark of inspiration and routes through the cultural, the personal, and the aesthetic. From the atom of an idea to the finished bottle of perfume, Mouret offers us an invaluable insight into the successful creative mind.

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