Tuesday Tunes: Innovative Designs at Flare

By Jo Phillips

Do you ever find that when wearing regular earplugs, the sound is never completely blocked out and it sounds like you are in an underwater land? Thankfully, Flare have the solution to your ear plug problems. Their innovative and hopeful ISOLATE ear plugs are currently on a Kickstarter campaign which has kicked down their target of 25K, by reaching 250K just over the weekend.


The inventor and founder, Davies Roberts, could not understand why regular earplugs could not properly block out sound from outside, and then he found the solution. Most earplugs are made using cheap plastics, silicones and foams which David Roberts found to be the completely incorrect approach to making an effective pair of plugs, so the ISOLATE’s are made using solid titanium. The micro ear plugs are specifically designed to provide your ears with great comfort and insert perfectly into the ear canal so that you can fully drift off with your thoughts, without any annoying outside interruptions; Enabling music fans to hear incredible sonic detail at very safe levels.

The Kickstarter is running for 6 more days which means that their is a chance to get a pair at an introductory price and join the campaign, you can find the link here.

You can also find out more information about flare here.

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