Tuesday Tunes: Paul Smith X Apple Music

By Jo Phillips

Have you ever wondered what Paul Smith might have in his record collection? Well, thanks to a recent collaboration with Apple music, you can finally know!


Apple have partnered up with several fashion designers and asked them to create playlists including their favourite pieces of music, these designers have so far included Alexander Wang and Burberry and now Paul Smith! Music has heavily inspired many fashion designers and spurred their creative processes:

“From the album artwork to the friendships I’ve built over the years with musicians, it’s all a part of my creative process” – Paul Smith.
Apple Music Fashion- Paul Smith


Paul Smith has four different playlists, each exploring separate aspects of his relationship to music. The first, ‘Around the World in 20 Tracks’, is a soundtrack that links to Paul Smith’s global travels. ‘Something old, something new…’ is the second playlist which is in four part and explores Pauls influences from past to present. Thirdly and finally, ‘From Herbie to Holiday’ is a tribute to a selection of Paul’s most adored jazz musicians whom he was lucky enough to see in the flesh as a younger man.

If you want to find out more information, you can click here.

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