Un-Mash Up: Your facials

By Shannon Brien

Summer has come and gone and left a mucky residue on our face, consisting of make-up clogged pores, sun damaged skin and not to mention the copious amounts of alcohol we’ve probably ingested.

Mostly, we put looking tired down to being tired and neglect to factor in the damage we actively do to our skin that also contributes to a dull visage. Sorbet Salon are pioneering the very best facial technology that mimics the effects of Botox without being invasive. Environ utilises a combination of science, cutting edge technology and natural minerals to promote and enhance the skins natural defences.

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Many major skin conditions arise from Vitamin A deficiencies as Vitamin A is important in promoting the skin’s own moisture, strengthening the outer layer, stimulating the production of protein and preventing breakouts.

Environ have produced a line of products high in Vitamin A that counter these problems and have also created a facial experience using the patented Ionzyme DF Machine. South Africa’s favourite beauty salon has two branches here in London that specialise in Environ facials, using the science backed by Environ to smooth out all those creases, calm sensitive areas and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

The machine combines pulsed iontophoresis and low frequency sonophoresis to enhance the efficiency of the Environ products used to achieve faster and more effective results.

I was welcomed by the lovely ladies in the Muswell Hill branch and briefly explained the process. I met LJ, my beautician, who explained how the facial works, what to expect and gave me some amazing aftercare tips. Environ facials are designed to specifically combat problem areas, which were my crows feet and redness around my cheeks, or they’re helpful for an all over refresh.


LJ was phenomenal, she explained the entire process so I would know what to expect but also ensured that my entire 45 minute facial was relaxing. I woke up to a fuller, cleaner and fresher looking face. I was also given some advice on after care and samples of Environ, which have maintained my facial.

If you want to approach winter with a fresh start, than make sure you pop into Sorbet to receive a 45 minute Environ facial.


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