Unframing Art

By Bella Pallett

Walking along the bustling street, she sneaks glances at her appearance in the glass reflection of shop windows. She is proud of how she looks today, not because of her body or professionally applied make-up, but because she has adorned her body with a beautifully crafted piece of art.

Most people present art hung on walls, but Alba Amicorum thinks differently. The luxury scarf studio and shop believes in wearable art and inspiring the wearer’s very own personal style through their scarves crafted from the finest silks and cashmere.

Alba Amicorum is celebrating London Craft Week by working with the famous original paintings and photographic works by American visual artist, Man Ray with the series Unframing Art. Contributing largely to the Surrealist movement, he was considered one of the most versatile and inventive artists of the century.

By collaborating with the Man Ray Trust, Alba Amicorum presents a new interpretation of his works through a limited-edition series of scarves based on his originals, including using his signature art form, the ‘rayograph’ created by placing objects on top of light-sensitive paper.

Experimenting in his darkroom, Man Ray worked with muse and protégé Lee Miller to create portraits, nudes and still-life using the process of polarization.

Placed in shadowy light, the subjects were half-hidden away but heavenly light radiated in contrast to the darkness allowing the creation of beautifully stunning images of the human form captured in light and dark.

By combining the craft of Ray Man’s photography and spectacular use of the juxtaposition of light with Alba Amicorum’s craft of textiles, the coming together of the two crafts result in the most beautiful masterpiece that you can wrap yourself in.

Crafting art to be worn as a scarf, Alba Amicorum uses the scarf as a canvas for expressing thoughts and ideas through collaborations with artists around the world.

By liberating art from its frame and onto fluid fabric, the scarves tell a unique story whilst rethinking how we look, interact and feel through art.

Following a zero-waste policy, the scarves are packaged in a bespoke box made from wheat straw paper and each scarf comes in a reusable fine cotton muslin pouch with a recycled Alba Amicorum tag which can be planted in soil to be transformed into beautiful wildflowers.

Or if you are buying the scarf as a gift for someone special, gift boxes are available, crafted in Japan handmade from Paulownia wood.

Celebrate one of the most influential artists and his conceptually varied body of work with a scarf as the canvas by visiting Alba Amicorum at London Craft Week (4th-10th October) and wrap yourself in the beauty of art.

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