Go Neon

By Juan Pablo Rendón García

As soon as you hear the word neon, the first image that might come into your head are glowsticks or some interesting signs outside of a bar or eccentric restaurant, yet this is not all there is for neon. Clothing can also be neon, and that is not restricted to what you wear but also what you can carry.

Many would think that neon is a colour or a simple pattern, but neon goes beyond that, neon is in essence the capture of the ethereal of nothingness, but a spark which incites movement and energy. This mainly because it is a gas, a captured gas which delivers this bright light. The use of neon to capture the attention of others is a great indication, that not only does the general shape of something calling our attention but also the brightness and use of colour.  

As time passes by more and more fashion brands start to use neon within their clothes making the transition between light to fabric, making an absolute miracle of this use. Teaching us along the way that mixing in the right patterns and in the right amount can lead to aesthetically pleasing images, or in this case clothing, without being too striking and hurtful to our eyes. Also, we can conclude that clothing doesn’t necessarily need to be uniform, and it certainly doesn’t need to be plain and grey to be attractive.

If you find this exciting or in any way it calls your attention check the new neon collection of TUMI. Embraces the idea of neon and balances between striking and functional, creating a very appealing visual style with their slick backpacks and rolling luggage. The collection includes a number of backpacks which have neon details and their matching luggage, which is perfect for travelling. It also includes various purses and handbags for men and women with bright colours and a beautiful style.

For more information go to Tumi.com

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