Uniform; Scent that Gives More

By Rebecca Reed

In ancient Egypt the high priestesses were said to be so powerful, tigers would walk gently by their side as they stroll through the scorching Egyptian sun. This woman holding her own essence of power, so strong she was able to tame a wild beast. 

Oozing this essence, this powerful woman, holding her magical aroma. But how would this aroma smell?

How do you capture such beauty and magic? Sana Jardin have captured such essence in one of their candles from their first candle collection. 

Tiger by her side

Tiger by her side is a lavish candle, the magnificent scent extracted from amber & essential oils. The aroma of the Moroccan rose will fill the room and indulge you with the magical spell.

Revolution De Le Fleur.

Revolution De Le Fleur, meaning the flower revolution. The Madagascan Ylang Ylang flower combined with Moroccan jasmine essential oil and sandalwood extract surrounding you with a sweet serenity wilderness. 

Jaipur Chant

Jaipur chant is filled with these sensual desires: passion, love of adventure and seduction. Combining the sweet exotic tuberose flower, Moroccan jasmine, narcissus and musk. Captivating your senses. 

“The succulent candles coming in three luxurious scents will leave you in ‘a peaceful, tranquil and transporting environment,” says founder Amy Christiansen Si-Ahmed.

The brand Sana Jardin creates luxurious scents through perfumes and now candles. They are also making a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint through working in a circular economy, calling it “flower-recycling”. 

Sana Jardin reduces their waste by encouraging micro-entrepreneurs. Giving flowers they have already pressed, to less fortunate women letting them re-press the petals, make the candles and sell them. Letting them have 100% of the income, whilst up-cycling Sana Jardins waste products. 

Sana Jardin also believe in sustainability. All the candles are made of vegetable wax and come in a 100% recycled glass pot. It doesn’t get more guilt-free. Allowing you to enjoy the indulging scents. 

Sana Jardin

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