Unique Is Rare

By Jo Phillips

We live in a fast-paced world which is on a continuous run for more. Be it fashion or food, ‘fast’ and cheap have become the new-common norm. This culture may satisfy temporary pleasures but fails to deliver the true essence of exclusivity, legacy and worth. In this world with low shelf life commodities, one thing which still remains untouched is an artist’s pure expression. Nothing can defeat the notable legacy of an artist’s creation. It forever dwells in the hearts and minds of people. Be it a painting, jewellery piece or vase, it becomes much more than a mere home showpiece, it becomes an heirloom. To explore the world of artists and their creative expressions, continue here at Unique Is Rare.

An artist’s creation is definitely the truest and most unique form of expression. But only a few lucky ones get to really cherish it. It’s not one of the many but rather one in many. Have you heard of a second Mona Lisa painting? or the thought itself sounds bizarre, isn’t it?

Thanks to so many artist around the world who are doing their bit and enabling the world to enjoy life with their enticing artistic expressions in different shapes and forms.

One such artist is Arianna de Luca. A ceramic artist who creates sensational objects inspired by the Mediterranean style of living. Currently based in Rome, she creates bespoke pieces to compliment house interiors. With her work, she aims to portray the emotional side of the design industry. Although her work is inspired by the Mediterranean landscapes and culture, her work also reflects traces of Italian and Vietri ceramic heritage.

Her aesthetics are reflected by her vibrant colour choices reflected in her cheerful pieces of art. Her work reflects a leaning towards the traditions, folk culture and artefacts of this area and uses them as a starting point for her explorations.

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Another artist who is doing wonders with his ceramic art is Nick Cowan. In collaboration with Charles Jeffrey- LOVERBOY , they have launched an exciting range of limited edition sculptures. Intended to be used as bookends, just place them on your shelves and enable them to not only guard your book collection but also enhance the look of your shelf.

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Any home feels incomplete without some really stylish artefacts or showpieces. Every piece of show reflects the personality of the house and it’s mates.

Charles Jeffrey- LOVERBOY has collaborated with a Polish design studio called the UAU Project. They specialise in developing 3D-printed decorative objects made with plant-based bioplastics. This collaboration has recently launched a collection of limited edition vases. Each piece touches on a different LOVERBOY house motif; the Stud Face Vase is blood red and recalls the signature metal studs found on LOVERBOY waistbands.

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