Unusual Trumps Normal

By Jo Phillips

Here’s some valuable information for all you readers; popping the big question to your ‘one true love’ on February 14 is an awful idea. Think we’re lying to you? Well think again. According to a new survey conducted by Ladbrokes Casino, ‘what kind of romantic are you quiz’, more than half of those surveyed would be unimpressed by a V-Day proposal. The reasons ‘why’ are endless; from it not being a surprise and its lack of originality. To its unnecessary expense compared to the rest of the year and the knowledge that other people all over the world, not forgetting those on the table next to you, are also proposing. So forget that diamond ring and read on for the top 5 unique and unusual love gifts they are sure to appreciate.


C.S. Lewis once said, “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” A cup of tea makes everything better no matter the time; morning, noon or night, ‘A Tea Lovers Dream Gift Set’ has everything you need to make that possible.


The world could always use a little more celebration and a lot more happiness. Get started on spreading some much needed joy with the help of this fun and unusual gift. The ‘Acts of Kindness Jar’ is one of those beloved gifts that keep on giving, with 12 ideas for how to surprise others.


Nothing compares to a one-off present; and this stunning unique chair is exactly that. Made using Vintage 1957 British Doncaster sack grain fabric this vintage item will add the perfect touch to any bedroom, lounge or kitchen.


These stunning lines from Shakespeare are a great gift for book lovers, printed onto original vintage book pages and finished in black wooden frames. Ranging from inspiring to humorous, these gorgeous art prints are sure to be appreciated.


No one can deny the uprising of the ‘beard’ era and ‘The Big Wild Man Beard gift set’ is perfect for any man who wants to join the movement.

Despite Valentine’s Day being heralded for its connotations of love and romance, try being unique and shower those you value with gifts that demonstrate your gratitude and recognition of their total AWESOMENESS- with something other than a proposal.

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