UTILITY: A feted reinvention

By Shannon Brien

Since the medieval days, village fetes were a major event in any British town, citizens were allowed to have a day off and enjoy themselves. They were able to sell goods and services as well as be entertained by various local performers.

Eventually these fetes became a way for churches to raise funds and provide family fun, resulting in their decline.

London’s new exciting district, Greenwich Peninsula will be home to “a contemporary twist on the village fair”. The Urban Village Fete, Sunday May 10, will host an array of events, performances, art, innovative design and amazing food.

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In collaboration with Hemingway Design, this fete will be the first free public event staged in the Peninsula Garden, a new garden designed by Alys Fowler and Thomas Hoblyn in association with Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio.

Similarly to the ye olde village fetes, the Urban Village Fete has drawn on local suppliers for food, art and craft and is promoting local talent. This fete also promises to be family friendly as well as hipster chic with an array of cool food vans, dance classes and unique pop up shops.

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Like traditional fetes, the reinvented Urban Village Fete will promote the local area, provide a day of family fun and is set to become “London’s ultimate village”.

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