Utility or luxury? Hair Perfume

By Jo Phillips

Utility vs Luxury: Hair perfume

BYREDO have a reputation for being a kind of outsider artist in the world of perfume, their focus on craftsmanship and quality, coupled with founder Ben Gorham’s background in fine art has given the brand a cultish status and an instantly recognisable style.

Last month BYREDO launched a new collection of hair perfume, which will be the focus of in-store events at Selfridges from April 9th – 22nd where the product is available exclusively. For anyone interested in the art of perfume, hair perfume is different spin on the interaction between scent and skin, Ben Gorham says “People are more experimental today, applying fragrances in various forms. At BYREDO, our focus has been very much on smells, we now want to focus on innovative ways to apply perfume.” BYREDO hair perfume is designed to care for and delicately scent the hair. The scent subtly defuses throughout the day and the effect is amplified by the hairs natural movement. Each one of the collection combines one of BYREDO’s signature scents with a silicone and polymer formula which creates a light layer designed to nourish and scent the hair.

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BYREDO have created three distinct hair perfume scents; Bal d’Afrique, Blanche and Gypsy Water.

Bal d’Afrique was inspired by Paris in the 1920s and the vibrant melange of avant-gardism and African culture. Energising notes of bergamot, lemon, neroli, African marigold, and bucchu awaken the senses before a delicate bouquet of violet, jasmine petals and cyclamen prevails, mellowing to intoxicating black amber, musk and the romantic warmth of vetiver and Moroccan cedar-wood.

Blanche is a simple fragrance, with classical beauty, clarity and innocence. Blanche’s pure composition presents a symbolic white rose at the fore, its timeless, untainted elegance framed with pink pepper and aldehyde. A feminine blend of violet, neroli and peony ensues before clean notes of blonde woods and sandalwood infused with musk leave a lingering trail.

Gypsy Water is an evocative scent inspired by the colourful romance of Romany life. It opens with bergamot, lemon, pepper and juniper berries followed by a radiant heart of incense layered over evergreen pine needles and orris. And concludes with a warm blend of amber mellowed by aromas of vanilla and sandalwood.

Another hair luxury that could quickly become part of your utility hair kit is Orofluido Beauty Elixer for Hair. A beauty elixir suitable for all hair types, the mixture is silky to the touch and absorbs quickly into wet or dry hair leaving no residue. The product has an amber fragrance with vanilla foundation and combines Argan oil, Cyperus oil and Linseed oil to leave hair silky, light, smooth and manageable with light reflecting radiance.

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Thameen Peacock Throne Hair Fragrance – A Utility that will change your relationship with your hair. Peacock Throne combines the rare taif rose, eqyptian iris, pink pepper pearls and burnished vanilla. This creates a smell that will last all day. The hair on our body ‘holds’ fragrance much stronger and longer than on the skin: This is a result of the skin being porous. This hair fragrance will leaving your hair looking and smelling luscious. The Keratin; strengthens the hair whilst keeping frizz at bay, Moroccan Argan Oil, produces a gloss sheen whilst moisturising the scalp. But the real ‘gem’ ingredient is the Honeyquat. The Honeyquat binds moisture into the hair and has twice the moisturising ability of vegetable glycerine.

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