A Cup of Tea Farmed Forthright

By Millie Winter

The morning sun hits your cheeks. Your stomach rumbles and your head turns groggy. It is time for you to head to the kitchen and get started with your day. Why not start your day with some toast and a steaming cup of some English Breakfast tea? It is about the hour when you start to crave the delicious facets of the national beverage. As you elegantly enjoy the tea to its last drop, you realize it has given you the motivation you need to get about your workday. Find out more in A Cup of Tea Farmed Forthright.

Both the bold flavours and the boost of energy comes from far away, most likely from either China or India. Like most products you use in your day-to-day life, rarely can we pinpoint its exact birth, where did it grow and who harvested it But now, you can envision the beautiful farm where your morning English Breakfast tea comes from. You can find comfort in the discovery that the flavours you experience in each sip come directly from the herb itself, crafted with care by loving growers.

Meet VAHDAM India who have created a global tea brand that not only values its customers but also cares for crediting the creators just as much.

What makes them unique? They allow you to enjoy your tea with the comfort of the product not having had travelled over many days and long journeys. The typical tea drinker assumes that in order to consume the best kind of tea, it must have made a long, complicated, in-depth journey to get to your doorstep. 

This brand is unconventional in the way that it eliminates the involvement of the many middlemen you find in the conventional tea-making process. The brand ensures the flow from farm to packaging is in unison with the first sip of tea to your lips. This sustainable model of work allows the consumer to sip a blend of tea that has been through less traffic, enabling a fresher transcending of flavours into the cup. 

Come lunchtime, when you crave even more bold flavours, you reach for the Vanilla Matcha blend on your shelf. You find yourself tasting flavours you never have before with each sip.

Finally, as your shoulders hang and your eyes become tired, you can conclude the day with their Tumeric Ashwagandha Latte Mix. The blend is made with relaxing superfoods to calm the mind in a time such as this; the perfect cup to soothe our minds.

The instantaneous course of transportation allows for the ability to “retain all earnings in the region where they are grown and nurtured by millions of farmers.” Those who are working hard to produce the fine blends of spice and sweet flavours and rewarded in a direct matter without the use of a middleman. 

You can enjoy your golden hour cup of tea knowing you are rewarding yourself while also supporting a brand where the producers are getting their earned reward as well. Not only does the brand focus on sustainability, but they work to keep this movement going by donating 1% of their revenue towards the early teachings and education to the tea growers’ children. 

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Illustrations by Anna Martín.

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