Skin With-In-Out

By Zelie Vandermeiren

Valmont the Swiss skincare brand created in 1985, uses traditional and experimental technology in their products. The newest launch is a collection called Primary, for specialist needs as well as everyday care. Five products make up a routine that strengthens from the inside out, utilising Bifidus bacterias that balance the skin in the same way that it regulates the digestive system. Learn more in. our insider look at Skin with-in-out.


The morning is warm, the sun is starting to rise burning off the soft layer of mist.

It’s the perfect moment to wash a face clean ready to start an am regime. On to the clean face goes the Primary Veil from Valmont, an initial prepping mist. Made from Zurzach spring waters with properties such as therapeutic and rebalancing, Jojoba esters, that contribute to structure a protective foil on the face and a complex provitamin that balances the skin’s natural flora. The fine spray emanates from a gleaming white bottle with a golden spray lid, preparing the skin to be fully ready to receive the rest of the skincare needs. This is one of those wonder products that can be used by any skin type and is a great universal way to start the day. This prepping face mist immediately soothes irritation, balances and strengthens the skin’s natural ecosystem, and rebuilds the hydro-lipidic film. Skin texture feels soothes and comforted.

Primary Veil by Valmont

The go-to daily cream that guarantees tomorrow’s beauty by maintaining skin health today is the new Primary Cream. Made to instantly soothe and calm the skin, and includes a provitamin complex, that will balance the skin flora. On the face and neck, the product will be calming and soothing the skin. The cream from the white and gold bottle. Applying it in light effleurage motions, the cream will help with irritations and tightness of the skin. This daily primary cream Formulated in UHT (just as milk is produced for longevity) allows for minimal preservatives and has been developed uniquely by Valmont. Not only is it a good daily primary cream it is a perfect go-to for post-shave type scenarios when skin feels slightly sore or taught. it has the added benefit of being multi-use products for some of the other skincare options this primary line has to offer.

Primary Cream by Valmont

Then there are two very special products in this range for those than need special attention

So for those who are subject to Acne, (it’s not just teenagers but some suffer way into adult life with acne caused by stress) next on the skins goes the Primary Solution, which is a targeted blemish treatment. Made from provitamins complex, that balance the skin’s flora, herbs and different chemical agents, that will help to eliminate dead cells. And finally included is the Boorage oil, which will soothes the irritated skin.

By applying it locally to the needed areas, the solution from the small white and gold bottle will help the skin to eliminate blemishes. The solution is the perfect meet between locally treating imperfections or dry patches, while also soothing and alleviating irritations. Also as before the collection is formulated by the UHT process so it ends up with minimal preservatives.

Primary Solution by Valmont

Should it be redness one suffers with, then it’s the Primary serum that is needed. The Primary Serum, is an anti-redness repairing serum. Made from a chemical agent, that stimulates the healing of the skin and regulation agents, that will protect calm and soothe the skin. Gently used on the face and the neck, the serum from the white and golden bottle, will be soothing and calming the irritated skin. This product can also be used by those having to deal with Rosacea, and it the last of the products formulated with UHT for minimal preservatives.

Primary Serum by Valmont

Maybe it’s the end of the day? The sun has all but disappeared and its time for a little face treatment then look no further than the last option of the Primary skincare regime is, the Primary Pommade.

Made from provitamins and oils complex, they provide intense nourishment and comfort for the dehydrates skins. For everyday use or weekly treatment, the rich balm will be the perfect option for those two different needs. Only a small amount of the product from the white and golden jar will give intense nourishment and comfort to the skin. Use daily or as a special night treatment. It’s pure rich goodness in a jar

Primary Pomade by Valmont

With all of these different options, the Valmont Primary skincare regime can be done every morning and/or every night, depending on each person’s needs. Those products follow Primary philosophy utilising the best science available, yet gentle enough to allow a daily or long-term use.

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