Vegan Beauty the Ninski Way

By Jo Phillips

Have you set out your resolutions for the year ahead and checklist of what you’d like to achieve? Vowed to eat clean and keep the month as dry as possible? Vegan skincare is more popular than ever but what does Vegan skincare actually mean?

It’s banded around a lot these days and often gets tied into a form of greenwashing but let’s just be clear about what it involves.

Reduces the aggravation of skin

 Vegan products are generally made with natural and organic ingredients that tend to be gentler for sensitive skin. These products contain fewer ingredients that do not reduce the risk of reactions, itchiness or breakouts.

Reduce the strain on the environment by excluding animal products

As per the 2010 report by the United Nations Environment Programme, animal products are a key cause of environmental damage that include climate change, water depletion and soil erosion. Shifting to this routine will ensure that you lead a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle, reducing your negative impact on the environment.

Avoid cruelty against animals  

Generally, products that incorporate veganism also avoid testing on animals and are cruelty-free. That means such products do not harm or kill animals to test the reaction of their products. These tests are often painful and are the cause of millions of deaths of animals every year. However, you must note that not all vegan – friendly products are cruelty – free and one must refrain from using such products if we want to avoid cruelty to animals in every aspect of our lives

While New Year sobriety and Veganism offer many health benefits, it’s not all about what we eat. If you’re looking for a more sustainable and cruelty-free skincare regime, opting for vegan beauty products is a must. 

A relative newcomer has stepped into the mix with a reassuringly affordable new vegan beauty brand Ninski, which will allow you to detox your beauty regime with their effective, plant-powered, cruelty-free products.

Launched in 2020 by Nathalie Baksh, the extensive range offers a wealth of new high-performing elixirs which may be the animal-friendly option you’re looking for, to keep your beauty habits as clean as your intentions for the year ahead.

After trained working as a qualified aesthetician in France and the UK, Nathalie Baksh returned to London and opened her skincare studio in Crystal Palace in 2015 (she also occupies a space in Harley Street), which she equipped with the latest cutting-edge beauty treatments. Her beauty rooms evolved, embracing the latest technologies to tackle a catalogue of different skin concerns, including skin-tightening hi-fu machines, up-to-the-minute micro-needling devices and body sculpting.

After five years of research, creating her own products for treatments, Nathalie realised her ultimate dream of starting her own line of handcrafted skincare and beauty products. In 2020, all clinics closed for business. Clients asked her to supply them with the elixirs she had used in their treatments or for aftercare, following a procedure. Nathalie made it her mission to cultivate conscious beauty products that were vegan and cruelty-free as well as gentle and hardworking enough to be used for a daily skincare regime.  All products are free of any animal-derived ingredients such as beeswax or milk proteins and don’t test on animals or sell their products to countries where animal testing is a requirement.

Under lockdown, Nathalie developed a skincare line that is all about boosting the skin’s barrier, instead of stripping it, thanks to the simple ingredients and formulas. What started with a self-care skincare plan for her clients with problem skin evolved into a product range that can be fully customised to suit skin types and lifestyle.

Nathalie, a skin and beauty expert and devotee knows beauty inside out. Her treatment rooms granted her the perfect opportunity to custom-blend and create bespoke vegan products for different skin conditions. She saw a gap in the market for something that was affordable, vegan and wasn’t overly medicinal but still tackled skin concerns.

Ninski’s hardworking new products include a Golden Enzymatic Gel, to be used as an exfoliant post-cleanse, pre-toner, serum and moisturiserand

Nila Bleu Mask, deep cleanses and brightens the complexion without stripping the skin of moisture and their nourishing Argan Oil, can be used on the skin and hair.

Meanwhile, their Black Soap exfoliant, made from black olives, offers the dual benefits of a deep cleanse and scrub, leaving the skin clarified and squeaky clean.

The Night Cream contains sesame seed extract which has lifting properties with added vitamin B complex which helps pigmentation and acne as well as anti-bacterial tea tree extract. In addition to face care, they have also introduced a glorious product range of liquid soap, hand sanitiser and hand cream made from orange blossom.

With 38 products in total, from cleaners, toners, day and night moisturisers, exfoliants, masks, serums and nail polishes, these beauty solutions will ensure that you won’t need to compromise on quality and can be customised to cater to a day-night skincare regime. Created with plants and nutrient-rich superfoods, with ingredients such as prickly pear, black olives and aloe vera with a variety of fruits, grains, seeds and oils, Ninski’s formulas are full of beneficial natural ingredients.

Following the completion of a questionnaire, Ninski can create a fully customised face cream, which can also be complemented by their most effective cleanser, toner, serum, exfoliant and mask.

The raw products are sourced from a biochemist in Morocco using breakthrough organic ingredients and innovative formulations to deliver visible results in the gentlest possible way.

The formulas come in reusable, refillable glass bottles and to incentivise clients to be as sustainable as possible, Ninski offers a 20 per cent discount to clients who return their packaging. For Natalie, ingredients and efficacy always come first, so Ninski creates small batch, of handcrafted skincare and beauty products using all-natural and sustainable ingredients, packaging materials and manufacturing methods.

Clean, green, affordable and thoroughly versatile for all skincare types, Ninski is the new kid on the vegan block, an eco-conscious option with an earth-friendly outlook. Contact here. 020 8768 0620 INSTAGRAM

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