Velvet Tonka

By Bella Pallett

As the luxurious scent coats the skin and drapes itself over the wearer it is obvious that the tonka bean, the main ingredient in BDK’s latest perfume, Velvet Tonka, is deeply invigorating.

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Associated with the adored velvety fabric and the softness of skin, the fragrance Velvet Tonka is one to desire. Spotlighting how when worn on the skin, the balmy tonka bean adorned with almonds creates a velvety touch and a honeyed feel, the name Velvet Tonka is more than just descriptive.

Making you feel like the most confident version of yourself, the silky smooth and cool to the touch tonka bean ensures to make you feel desired. The addictive notes of milky amyris wrap around you like velvet and the sweet, sultry effect of the vanilla on skin summarises just how this perfume earned its name.

Leaving your skin feeling sensational, the enhanced scents of ambroxan and vanilla absolute create an unparalleled sense of velveted sensuality.

The top notes of the perfume contain orange blossom and almonds which coat the skin like an oriental delicacy with a subtle hint of sweetness that runs into the heart of the scent. The middle notes are absolute of tobacco and absolute of rose to create a honeyed feel on your skin. Laying at the base of the perfume to carry through the sweetness the notes consist of absolute of vanilla of Madagascar, amyris wood, amber wood, and the key to the scent, absolute of tonka bean.

Designed by nose Alexandra Carlin, the scent is a tribute to the Moroccan origins of BDK’s founder David Benedek and the region’s iconography associated through its flavours and landscapes, much like a sweet and invigorating breeze from the Atlas Mountains.

Available for both men and women, the floriental woody fragrance comes in a 100ml bottle which holds unique transparency enabling the colour of the fragrance to be enhanced.

By associating the scent with not only a region and fabric but skin as well, BDK invites you to use your sense of touch as you feel this perfume envelop and wrap around you.

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Find out more about Velvet Tonka here. Available at Selfridges

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