Verge; Golden Goddess

By Jo Phillips

If someone asks you if you are a goddess, tell them yes, you are a sister of the sun goddess, Akewa.

Long ago, according to the Argentinian tradition of the Toba tribe, she and her radiant sisters illuminated the sky. Too curious to resist temptation, they descended to Earth, where the men who lived there then prevented the star-women from ever returning to the heavens. Only Akewa remained in the sky.  As she had not yet descended, every day she still walks above the Earth from one side to the other, reminding all women that they are full of radiant beauty because they are related to her. So take her lead and shine at night but also during the summer days.

With the hot summer months approaching, it’s time for you to highlight the sun goddess blood that runs through your veins. The Spring/Summer 2018 collection of Tom Ford, Chantecaille, and of  Charlotte Tilbury (with her new legendary lashes), will help you to be the woman who’s presence is felt whenever she enters a room. Thus, the golden skin requires appropriate colours and techniques, here are some makeup products that will make you as sparkling like the star you are.

TomFord Soleil

Take a look at the TOM FORD SOLEIL SUMMER 2018 COLLECTION, you will probably be attracted by the ivory and gold packaging which makes you feel like wearing Aphrodite’s dress and as though you are going on a journey towards a heavenly destination. Tom Ford created a sumptuous series of bronzers, highlighters and skincare aimed to brighten your summer skin throughout the year. Innovative lip formulas in sheer to full-coverage colours glide on lips with hydrating, nourishing benefits, while sheer cheek colours simmer with lit-from-within radiance. From the collection:-

tom ford


Soleil Contouring Compact; Bronze. Blush. Highlight.

Three new sensual summer shades of blush and highlighter add natural dimension and sensuous colour in a cream-like powder formula that effortlessly glides onto skin with a soft, even finish. Nude blush gives cheeks the perfect touch of colour, the peach highlighter mimics the sun reflecting off the skin and the sultry deep nude enhances a healthy radiance. Use shades together to contour a seductive and natural glow.

Shade and Illuminate Glow Stick; Define. Pop. Glow

Perfect lustrous glow on one side and a pop of go-anywhere colour on the other –complementary shades of sultry rose gold highlighter and hot coral blush create the perfect summer look year-round with the easiest application. The dual-ended cheek stick adds definition, structure, luster and illumination anywhere you want it.

Sheer Cheek Duo; Versatile. Blendable. Light-reflective.

Exotic Flora, a blush duo that gives a light-reflective flush of colour to bronzed summer skin. A blooming pink and a bold papaya blush can be applied wet for a soft veil of colour or dry for a sweeping pop of vibrancy.

Ultra-Shine Lip Color; Lustrous. Transparent. Delicate.

Twelve colours in the collection, in which you will feel yourself sparkling with each one of them. Here are Indulgent, Delectable and Lumiere, three glossy, creamy and addictive innovative lip formula. Tom Ford combines three lip musts, the easy, one-stroke application of a lipstick, the high-shine gleam of a lip gloss, and the rich emollient of a lip balm.

white flower

If you prefer a slightly more natural beauty, then look no further than the 2018 Spring/Summer Collection from Chantecaille, a collection to reveal the light of your femininity.




SIRENNA Bronzer Limited edition, summer 2018.

Have you already seen the Italian sunshine on the Amalfi coast ? This finely bronzer/gold highlighter duo imparts a gorgeous Mediterranean glow to your cheekbones and high points of your face. Just swirl the shades together for the ultimate kiss of summer warmth. A perfect match to your golden complexion. 

golden mask


Infused with 24K gold, Chantecaille brings luxury to your skin and makes you look better than ever. Its ingredients are particularly effective when skin is faced with damage from sun, stress or wind. It can also be your perfect partner at night as an intensively nourishing, restructuring sleep mask.

 Capture d’écran 2018-04-26 à 10.20.35

Perfect time for an outdoor eating, welcome in a garden paradise with spring’s freshest blooms. The three new shades of ChanteCaille‘s lightweight, glossy lipstick have a rich, meltingly soft texture with the shine and subtle plumping effects of a gloss. The cushiony formula leaves lips feeling ultra-soft and shiny without any stickiness.

Capture d’écran 2018-04-26 à 10.50.26

Due to deep concern, Chantecaille has been engaged in protecting endangered species for the past twenty years by donating a percentage of sales via special items in the collections to specific animal charities.

In her desire to ensure improved protection and respect for the welfare of wild animals as incredible beings, for the 20th anniversary Sylvie launched a gorgeously packaged palette in a high-gleam gold compact. This season she again works with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust a world-renowned wildlife haven in Kenya. Known for their work rescuing orphaned baby elephants and caring for them until they are sound in body and spirit. The Lion Guardians is also honored this season with a palette, the shades take their names from beloved lions and elephants helped by these heroes. Chantecaille shows her support by creating a suite of sunset shades that compliment different skin tones. They layer effortlessly to create natural, blurred looks as well as on-trend gradient ombre effects, and reference the full spectrum of skin tones, from cool to warm, to accentuate every eye shade.

Legendary Lashes V2 A

Nobody has a goddess gaze by just wanting it. It’s an art. And it starts with your lashes.

You may already have heard of  Charlotte’s best-selling Legendary lashes mascara. Now there is Legendary Lashes, volume 2, from the Charlotte Tilbury New! Beauty Filters Collection. Each lash is coated from the root to tip as well as lengthened , volumised, and thicken.  It is long lasting,  for an intense look all day even with if you are in then heat of the tropics.


Tom Ford Beauty  Chantecaille Charlotte Tilbury


In line with Sunkissed’s goal towards presenting beautifully healthy-looking skin, the luminosity provided by this palette embraces the essence of a celestial glow.  Having four different tones, the highlights in this palette are not only long wearing but will radiate metallic beauty across your face and body all summer long.  Its practicality makes it a sure choice for the season and will have you shining as bright as the stars with a glow as stunning as your favorite goddesses.

Sunkissed Let it Glow Baked Highlighter Palette

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