Verge; Guide to Everything Men: Style

By Jo Phillips

Style is for all walks of life, all genders and ages. Why not step away from women’s guide to beauty, fashion and etiquette and enter the man-cave that, contrary to stereotypical beliefs, does not always smell like beer, chips and sweaty shorts, but like tailored suits, shiny shoes, patterned shirts, car and aircraft engines and a lot of perfume.

First thing first, you get to choose the clothes and your general style. The book The Parisian Field Guide to Men’s Style is here to help.

Guide to style-Book

Ines de la Fressange, French model, fashion designer and perfumer has, alongside journalist for Elle Sophie Gachet, created the ultimate Style guide for men. From grooming, fashion to manners, the most stylish men in these remarkably fashionable ladies’ entourage curate their style demos to inspire other men.

This book uncovers all tips and tricks to men’s ultimate fashionable runway of life, the basics of fashion, what to wear in every situation, where to shop, what not to wear, and tips for all walks of style. The Parisien sense of Fashion was set high decades ago by the stylistic ground rules that have been written in the sky, and finally now in an easy-read, insightful and humorous book.

To intimidate is not the purpose of this guide, but to help men with upping their wardrobe, learn the manners of dressing and styling. Most importantly to guide men in channelling their inner Parisien. There is material to help all types, whether it is to adopt a “Chilled-out Dandy” style with V-neck sweaters and loose striped pants, or an “Artsy British” look with cufflinks and a mixture of fabrics, la Fressange has got you covered.

Now that you have learned a thing or two about picking your outfit, let’s get deeper and talk men bags and cases with Aspinal of London.

The pioneering English brand Aspinal of London’s new collaboration with British supermodel David Gandy gave life to 18 pieces of modern man’s travel and business collection: The Aerodrome. Taking inspiration from the skies of Great Britain’s heroic past and Spitfire, blending it with Gandy’s notorious sense of style and Aspinal’s trademark craftsmanship the collection is made stylish and complementary to every modern wardrobe.

The theme around the K5054 Supermarine Spitfire is perceived from the first look, at the core leather is used like one of the traditional pilot’s flying jackets, while the hardware work reflects key components of the plane and the lock of various pieces is an exact replica of the actual Spitfire Mk1 firing button. It has also been infused in the colour palette as the options run across shades of dark browns, smooth tans, navies and khakis.


They are chic, stylish, and trendy standalones; a complete collection where each size and colour compliment the other. There is a range perfect for every type of man/ traveller:

-For the men who travel for the weekend and a little more: Long Weekender

-For the men with business meetings: The Briefcase (Available in dark brown pebble and smooth tan)

-For the day trip businessmen: Business Bag

-For the quick business trip men: 48 Hour Mission Bag

-For the very quick business trip men: 24 Hour Mission Bag

-For the casual day-to-day men: Backpacks

-For the “I travel light” men: Travel Carrier, Travel Pack and Zip Washbag

-For the “I travel so light” men: ID and Travelcard Case and Passport Cover

-For the everyday man: Keyring, Sunglasses and Case Set, Wallet, Tech Pack and Case, Classic Leather Hip Flask and Zip Folio

The bags have been donned with refined details of Spitfire design across the handle holders, studs and zip pulls which are all shaped like propellers. And since these fighter aircrafts have become a symbol of victory and national icon due to them being victors of the Battle of Britain, a distinctive Aerodrome K5054 badge marks every piece of this collection, another reason to wear this collection with pride and style.

An outfit, a bag, some accessories, and now nothing left but the finishing smell to leave your mark behind long after you leave the room. Let’s discover the new fragrance of this little guide to men’s style.

Prada Luna Rossa has released its latest expression, its first Eau de Parfum: Prada Black. With a poignant smell, the fragrance is soft upon introduction but leaves a distinct and moody impression leaving a disorienting effect in all the right ways.

Prada Black - Copy

Inspired by the fashionable, the contemporary and the mysterious, Prada Black is the perfect companion to the Prada man’s collection of unexpected prints, tailored suits and high tech sneakers; it is the perfect companion to men.

Its olfactory combination contains Bergamot, Angelica, Patchouli, Couramine, Musk and Woody Amber for a mesmerizing touch of energy and sweetness. These scents were derived from the Luna Ross’s family inspiration by “urban exploration” and the sense of excitement, edginess and hope that comes with it.

Men, you are all set, go experiment with Fashion.

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