Verge; Here Comes the Sun

By Erlend Philip Heffermehl

East London is well known for being packed with art exhibitions. How great is it to just walk around the streets of Spitalfields and enjoy the vibe of cultural excitement flooding through your veins? If that’s a feeling you can relate to, our previous guest editor Sebastiaan Bremer is now out with a magnificent new exhibition. Relish his new show Here Comes The Sun until the 28th of April, at The Hales Gallery in Shoreditch.


The Dutch-born artist, who’s now based in The Big Apple, is well known and respected through his career for working with used and pre-existing images, images which explore profound ideas about time, memory and processing. Such warping, surrealist images that connote themes of the unconscious and represent his mode of thought.


During the millennium year, Sebastiaan Bremer began drawing directly onto the surface of personal photographs covering the images with intricate patterns of dots, developing through the years to a recognizable signature of mark making, which Bremer himself explains as a mode of expression which is truly his. “It is my way of putting myself with a mark into the picture, changing it, making my point of view visible inside the photographed reality.” The artist’s signature white dots emotively and visually trace memories throughout his body of work.

Sebastiaan Bremer, Gold (Brother), 2017, Archival inkjet pigment print on resin coated paper with hand additions in pigment pen and photo retouch dye, 128.3 x 101 cm

For this exhibition, Bremer has circled back to an early way of working after years of experimentation, celebrating his formative process. He delves into personal memories, registering thoughts and feelings in order to engage with universal concerns about family, the fragility of life, and time passing. By using personal photographs from his childhood, Bremer gives an intimate and personal experience for us to enjoy, interpret and ponder about.


If you like to check out the Here Comes The Sun exhibition you can find the link to the show here.

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