Verge; Nu-Disco

By Jo Phillips

Nu-Disco verges on the border of renewing old classics and beats whilst merging them with more modern and new beats and sounds to create a fun and fantastical genre. Nu-disco was extremely popular in the 2000s and had a resurgence in the 2010’s, proving to be a timeless, exciting and unique genre, combining house, funk, disco and more.

The basics of Nu-Disco are actually quite aptly described by the name. “Nu” of course means “new”, and Disco means all kinds of Disco music, such as 1970s and 1980s Disco from the USA and 1980s Italo-Disco. The genre of Nu-Disco, then, was about a resurgence of interest in these genres, and about artists producing new music inspired by these movements. Radio DJ Tamara Kauffman, chats to us about the wonder and genius about Nu-Disco.

Is nu disco a new movement with new artists or is it a re finding of old tunes?

Its both. Theres many an old track being re-mastered and also many new (an old) artists bringing ‘disco’ back in modern ways (eg: Two Door Cinema Club being one band that smash it).

So where would you put is say in terms of music genre? Next to house and hip hop or is it more towards say trance Techno or truly with Soul R&B rare groove ?

Definitely towards house. Its can be diverse and be housey but also can be funk house with a rare groove. Nothing old ever gets forgotten. House will always remain house and Disco will always remain Disco. Two of the best genres that can be mastered in so many different ways to bring a classic feeling to a modern track.

Tamara’s Top Picks

Patrick Cowley – Do You Wanna Funk? (ft. Sylvester)

Yuksek: Icare (Yuksek Remix)

Disco Incorporates: Fire Groove (Original Mix)

Angelo Ferriri: Want to say

MVZZIK: Chasing Paper (Original Mix)


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Tamara Kauffman

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