Verge; Picture This

By Georgina Sussman

There’s a moment, when you walk through an empty park in the middle of the day, the balance of the sun beating down on you, providing complete warmth, and the shade of the trees protecting you from those moments when it gets too warm to bear,  combining to create a deep sense of serenity with hints of mystery that cannot be beat. Olfactive Studio’s Woody Mood turns this image into a scent, with subtle notes that creep up on you, gently yet beautifully. That’s what Olfactive studios DNA is, creating perfumes from these images, partnering photographers and perfumers to create scents that embody pictures to create familiarity and excitement with their perfumes. Still Life in Rio is another of their perfumes that embodies the picture perfectly!


Olfactive studio, over the past seven years have been pairing top photographers and perfumers to create scents that capture scenes and settings to make stunning fragrances that are distinctive to the photograph and the person wearing it, be it smelling like a strong and vibrant scene straight out of New York City to smelling like the softness of a sand beach.September 2011, an Autumnal month in Paris, leaves beginning to fall and the rush of summer holidays being over, a small, creative perfume studio opens its doors for the first time, and takes the world by storm with its innovativeness and modernity. Olfactive Studio is a world of perfume that creates it’s scents for everyone, considering perfumes to be genderless yet soulful, they combine photography and scent to make small wonders, specialising in Eau de Parfum’s.


Their new perfume, Flash Back in New York, takes all that is good about New York and makes it into a perfume. A picture perfect moment in New York, snow beginning to settle in the early stages of a blizzard, bright, warm streetlights casting light on the magic of a cold winters evening, and a view of the Chrysler Building barely visible in the distance, enhanced by a barren street with the odd passer-by, Flashback in New York encapsulates the scent of this moment, warm and energetic, graceful but buzzed, a scent to match the image. The city that is full of endless possibilities and contrast, is portrayed through the image and the perfume in a scent that captures New York’s fire and ice atmosphere. Fine Art Travel Photographer, Vivienne Gucwa was paired with Senior Perfumer with Robertet Fragrances, Jérôme Epinette, to create Flash Back in New York. With base notes for a warm and smoky foundation, Heart Notes to create floral a musk and top notes  to enhance the comforting warmth and spice, the fragrance captures the essence of the photograph flawlessly.


Olfactive Studio has created the perfect scent for those comforting but busy moments, be it coming home from the busiest day at work and snuggling up in front of a fire, to going out at night with some friends, feeling the warmth of a cocktail run through your veins, this scent perfectly snapshots the image of New York nostalgia and the busy bodied hustle and bustle of the legendary city. By verging on the border of scent a sight Olfactive Studio create sensational fragrances that are holistically pleasing.

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