Verge; Unbounded Talent

By Jo Phillips

You walk. Alone, in a middle of a road. Open to the world. Now, the sun joins the party, can you feel it ? Between the slats of a bench that has already almost like a tree, lost all its leaves. The cross-over of the branches sheaths the city with a blue, an almost greenish luminous cotton wool, in which you at once recognised the uncertainty almost anxiousness within. You are now asking yourself why this majestic bench with branches is in your way ? You certainly just met one of the “Spaghetti Bench” series of the French-Argentinian artist Pablo Reinoso. This talented designer is currently showcasing his diverse work, from sculpture to jewellery, across the globe.

bordeaux banc -5

The Sky Observatory Agora Bordeaux. Sep. 2017

His creations play with the boundaries of Art and Space, his works explores emotions and states of consciousness, stretching tensions between form, function and meaning, creating a lyrical discourse. Having at last conquered volume,  the artist has caught our imagination with this sculpture.

Pablo Reinoso works in series where he explores the ideas by exploring different concepts and materials. All the series of works by the artist Pablo Reinoso are not closed, reflecting in  permanent work,  that life is always in progress.  For him life is always moving forward.

REINOSO Pablo_ FIAC 2017_by Adrien Millot_01

Conversations Fiac Grand Palais, Paris. Oct. 2017

Pablo Reinoso presented “Simple Talk” and “Double Talk” which together form “Conversations,” an installation of benches ‘let loose’  which the public can interact directly.

minimasterpiece-reinoso-bouclesSpaghetti earrings, at Custom Gallery Dubai until 2 June 2018.

2018 Pablo Reinoso Solo BenchSolo Bench, at TEFAF Maastricht.

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