Vintage bingo fashion fun!

By Jo Phillips

People say you can wear your heart on your sleeve, and if bingo is something you adore, then you can literally achieve just that! With the fashion world loving a retro trend, and a retro experience to boot  it is no wonder bingo would become a source of style snd entertainment inspiration. In fact, with a few tips and tricks, you can easily transform your outfit into one that represents your love of bingo, and make a night out  a fashion trip along side a night of retro fun.

The Retro T’Shirt

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Every fashion lover knows the perfect t-shirt, the one with the clever catchphrase or having a symbol that represents them best. What better way to incorporate bingo into your wardrobe than by finding (or making) that one-of-a-kind t-shirt you’ve been looking for? Best of all, making one is easy. Simply print a bingo motif or pattern that you best like, and have it printed on a plain t-shirt of your choice. Logos and images are easy to find as well, like those from some of the best bingo sites available, as listed on You can use vintage or retro bingo patterns and loud colours, if you’re looking for something that truly stands out from the crowd. Rest assured, this item of clothing will become your favuorite T’shirt of all time

Vintage styling

Don’t underestimate the power of a strong accessory when it comes to styling. Hair accents, customised socks, unique belts or even little touches of jewellery make all the difference to evoking the bingo fanatic in you. Wear bingo ball drop earrings or a retro bingo bracelet that’s both colorful and fun to wear with just about any outfit. For those of you who enjoy “do it yourself” projects, pick up some bingo beads at your local craft store a to customise the perfect unique piece of jewellery. Additionally, patterned socks are all the rage in the fashion world these days. Why not add a touch of retro to your look by pairing bingo-themed socks with any outfit of your choice? With the right accessories, it’s easy to be fashionable and a bingo fan at the same time.

In the world of fashion, bingo is best-known for its quirky retro, vintage appeal and colourful aesthetics. You’ll be surprised with what you can find in vintage shops, flea markets, as well as on sites such as eBay! Vintage t-shirts or accessories are unique little pieces that can truly bring out the authentic bingo fanatic in you, all while being on trend with vintage styles. So, go out and get shopping and see what gems you might come across to add to your wardrobe.


Love an accessory…

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