Vivid: All for ONE and ONE for all

By Jo Phillips

Niche perfume brand Ormande Jayne’s latest fragrance, ONE has been created  exclusively for Selfridges. A magnificent scent which is laced with florals, blended woods, citrus and amber.  This perfume is aimed at no age, no sex , in-fact no preconceived ideas of the customers and therefore sits with the current cultural focus of gender  fluidity.  But its not just this facet that makes this perfume so modern.  The new trend coming through if definitely florals mixed with something.  So florals with wood, florals with citrus etc and here Lynda the superwoman behind Ormande Jayne is right on trend of not setting it.

This is part of a larger change going on at the company.  Packaging and store up-dates but also keep an eye out for more exclusives with stores, with each perfume exclusive the packaging will be colour coded per store. This new One is in a spectacular yellow linen box.

There is much more new for the company coming so we will keep you posted. In the meantime One is available at Selfridges now with the Head, Heart and Soul notes below.



Head: Cardamom absolute, Orange absolute, Bergamot

Heart: Rose absolute, Freesia, Jasmine absolute

Soul: Ambergris, Sandalwood, Cedar wood



For more information about Ormonde Jayne’s ONE Bespoke Parfum click here.


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