Vivid: Behind the scents

By Jo Phillips

Here at Cent we love telling you when our favourite perfume brands release new fragrances, but this time we wanted to additionally talk to you about the key individuals behind the brands that we love so dearly, as well as informing you on what is new in store for them.


Ben Gorham

From professional athlete to perfumer, Ben Gorham went down an unusual route to becoming founder of the well respected perfume brand, Byredo. From a young age Ben always enjoyed sports and got very involved in basketball, as he progressed he began professionally playing in the U.S and then competitively in Europe as well. Ben eventually moved away from basketball and decided to get back in touch with his creative side. An early memory of Ben’s was of the smell of his fathers perfume, and this triggered a fascination with the connection of perfume and memories. After time working, studying perfume and making connections, Byredo was born and Ben began translating memories and moments into his perfumes using the highest quality raw materials.

Byredo have just released a powerful new fragrance, Cuir Obscur, that has a number of contrasting elements, that overall generates a divine collection of scents.

BYREDO  Cuir Obscur

Top: Amaretto, nutmeg.

Heart: Ylang-ylang, Arabian rose.

Base: Black leather, golden patchouli, midnight musks.

D. S & Durga:


D. S and Durga are the two individuals behind the perfume house D.S & Durga, the two have combined their strengths to create a well known brand that creates incredible scents and collections using premium-sourced raw materials. D.S is responsible for the formulas and has had a lifelong fascination with fragrances ever since winning his first bottle of cologne at an island summer camp raffle. Durga, who studied architecture and design, is in charge of the design aspect of all the products.

Radio Bombay

A set of new fragrances have just recently been released for summer 2016 by D.S & Durga. They are a fabulous collection of refreshing and light perfumes using the finest of ingredients.

Radio Bombay

Top: Radiant wood, Copper, Cedar.

Heart: Sandalwood, Radiant iris, Boronia.

Base: Balsam fir absolute, coconut musc, ambergris.

Rose Atlantic

Rose Atlantic

Top: Bergamot, Petals, Lemon Oil.

Heart: Linden, Salt spray rose accord, Dune grass.

Base: Muscone, Salt water, White moss.


White Peacock Lily

Top: Oleander, Cabreuva rouge, Grapefruit pith

Heart: White lily cream, Egyptian jasmine, Alabaster violet.

Base: Liquid ambrette seed, Vanilla, Fog.


Photographs: Byredo and D.S & DURGA.



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