Vivid: Celebrating Beardsley

By Jo Phillips

Work from legendary English illustrator and author Aubrey Beardsley be spotted from miles away. His Japanese and English inspired drawings were sexy, while also grotesque, eliciting thought, just as great artists do. This artistic legend was a leading figure in the Aesthetic movement during the turn of the 20th century, along with Oscar Wilde. Further, his Art Nouveau and poster styles paved the way for this style to grow after his early death at the age of 25. No wonder that this lasting legacy is being celebrated by the distinguished book store, Southeran’s of Sackville Street!


A location where antique books and artwork can be purchased, Southeran’s will be not only offering the first edition of the only catalouge raisonné on Beardsley’s work, but also holding an exhibition on his pieces.


Specifically, this exhibition will be unifying a large number of illustrations of the life of King Arthur, found in Le Morte d’Arthur, but also the famous Knights of the Round Table. These drawings may be purchased, but most are already sold out.


This once in a life time experience is set for July 29, 2016- for more information, click here.


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