Vivid: Dance Brought to Life

By Jo Phillips

Nothing can represent the fluidity of the human body as dancing can. In order to bring the swift movement dance to life, various props are often used. Through this variety of objects, dance can truly reflect society, passion, and mankind.


In a world that revolves around technology, it’s only logical that the beauty of dance is communicated digitally. Various performances have used this idea in a creative way. For example, New Movement Collective‘s Collapseperformed at the Southbank Centre, explores ideas of the past and the ironic, cyclical ways that societies evolve. This show uses not only technology and dance to convey its message, but also sculpture, film, and music, allowing for an extremely vivid and sensual experience. Specifically, the movement of dance is visualized via image-captured techniques, which take individual pictures of the dancer’s body, as seen below.

These sort of images are displayed in an exhibit with other forms of art and music, allowing for the multi-facetedness of dance to be portrayed. Collapse comments on society, but it does so through the faschinating means of technology and dance. For more information on Collapse, click here.


Often when putting together their portfolios, dancers include images of them covered in powder/dancing on top of powder. This is done so the movement of dance can not only be seen by the dancer’s body formation, but also the shape of the powder in the air. Photographers that produce such images include Alexander Yakovlev, Ludovic Floren, and Derrick Senior, along with others.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 2.17.26 PM
Although not a performance, this type of art displays the movement and lively nature of dance in a stunning way. These images from Alexander Yakovlev can be purchased here.


As seen throughout history, and even on the Olympics, ribbon dancing is a dazzling form of rhythmic gymnastics that truly exhibits the swift movement involved in dance. Through the smooth, elegant flow of the ribbon in the air, the dancer’s body movement is reflected. Besides being seen during the Olympics, various dance troops can be hired to display this beautiful work.

Ribbon Dancers 1Groups, such as the Ribbon Dancers of London, present the fabulous art of ribbon dancing to all people. This troop can be hired for any event (if interested, click here), but countless other groups can be found as well. Or, just watch the performances in Rio De Janeiro starting August 5!

Wooden Poles

This summer, the awe inspiring show Broken by Motionhouse has been performing across England. This show examines humans’ relationship with the earth: hanging in constant suspense and struggling to find safety in a world where nothing is quite as it seems. To reflcet this message, dancers hang/dance on wooden poles connected to a wall, bringing audiences on an exhilerating journey. Instead of just including wooden poles, however, vibrant designs move in the backround and light-shows encompass the performance-area, blending the dancers into the scenery.

Dance is all about taking risks, along with taking the breath away from viewers. This performance does both, all while using wooden poles to reflect the careful movement and strength dance requires. For more information on Broken, click here.


Another piece from New Movement Collective, Casting Traces- The Paper Maze reflects the creativity and vividness of dance using a labyrinth of paper. Inspired by Paul Auster’s seminal novel, The New York Trilogy, dance, architecture, film and music create a world of illusion, present everywhere the audience turns.


By presenting dance via shadows, the movement can be fully appreciated, as no graphics, costumes, or other props are present to distract the audience. Thus this performance, similar to all the others, displays the fluidity and art that dance posesses in a unique way. To experience Casting Traces- The Paper Maze, click here.

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Photographs: New Movement Collective, Alexander Yakovlev- The Mirages, Scarlett Entertainment

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