Vivid: Dull Bricks To Pop Art

By Jo Phillips

Modern-day architecture can seem to blur in to the background of our everyday lives, so it is always an unexpected surprise when you spot an unusual, vivid building in the corner of your eye. All over the world there are hidden gems that architects and artists have created in order to refresh the areas filled with grey, we thought that we would share with you some of our favourites for this months theme of VIVID.

happy rizzi house 3

Happy Rizzi House by 3D pop-up artist, James Rizzie and gallery owner, Olaf Jaschke, is a sight worth seeing. This building is located in Brunswick, Germany and is the epitome of experimental colourful buildings. It was the largest project that Rizzie had worked on and the building can be used to completely summarise Rizzie’s brilliantly vivid and childlike style.

wpid-wp-1415232441327The Ministry of Communications and Information is possibly the most colourful government building that you are ever going to encounter, it is a great juxstaposition for a building of such a serious nature to be so playful and colourful.


Particularly in the UK, when the rain is pouring down on us, the buildings tend to add to the overly gloomy feel of the wet and cold surroundings. The above building, The Court of Water, was designed by Heide Bottcher to play hydro music whilst the rain falls, it is located in Germany and has completely livened up the other wise quiet and normal space. When it rains, there are only smiles there!


This is not a specific building, it is more of a collective of beautifully vivid buildings and houses that are scattered across Istanbul. The area is filled with rows upon rows of brightly coloured houses that light up the streets and make for a great photograph even on the rainiest of days.


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