Vivid: Flora Mania

By Jo Phillips

“I decided that if I could paint that flower on a huge scale you could not ignore its beauty”

Georgia O’Keeffe

Its not new news, but with Florals still being huge news across fashion, beauty and art, we thought we would remind you of some floral skincare and add in another couple of floral goodies for well… good measure!

July 16 sees the first major retrospective of American artist Georgia O’Keeffe, widely recognised as a founding figure in modernist American art, at The Tate Modern, the first in over 20 years.  Acclaimed also as a founder in American feminine art works, this exhibition will chart the early abstract work through to late developments. Known very much for her still life works and most notably her abstract flowers, O’Keeffe’s most notable of these is the painting Jimson Weed/White Flower No. 1 (which is a humble garden weed) is being loaned to Tate Modern from Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Arkansas. This will be the first time the work is displayed outside the US since being acquired by the Museum in 2014. The Jimson weed bloom is native to New Mexico and the focus O’Keeffe affords it in the painting reflects her growing affinity with the region in the 1930s – an association that would continue throughout her lifetime. Being fond of this particular plant, she allowed Jimson weeds to flourish around her patio at her home in Abiquiu and made it the subject of multiple works, each time presenting a new viewpoint.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 13.41.05
6th July to 30th October 2016 Tate Modern

Lets move on to the diptyque skincare. The five part product range is deeply ensconced in diptyque’s floral philosophy.  Known the world over for their divine floral and fauna fragrances and candles, their skin care is no different. If you like your skin care to be full to bursting with dedicated  natural extracts then by all means get your hands on these.  The range has been out since February 2014 so this is nothing new, but with the world going floral mad it’s a timely reminder that the stunning scent of flora and fauna doesn’t need to be restricted to perfume, home fragrance, fashion, or images on the wall.

Infused Facial Water

The Infused Facial Water is a delightful water infused with vitamins, minerals  and rose extract. The general idea of this blend of flowers and plant water means it can be used as a toner before moisturising and it will help to cleanse, add radiance and moisturise the skin. It acts as a very delicate way to simply refresh the face after a hards days work or help wake you up first thing in the morning. It also can be mixed with exfoliators or cleansers rather than water.  Of course as expected the most dynamic part of this water it the way it truly smells of roses. A blend of nine traditional plants and flowers (including Damask Rose and Nasturtium) combined with vitamins and minerals create an utterly divine paraben-free product that quite literally lifts your spirits.

Multi-use Exfoliating Clay 

An interesting and multi-functional product as its works as a gentle scrub as well as a leave-on mask, allowing you to both purify and detox your skin. A blend of white clay, marble, rice and oat powders which are activated when mixed with water (or use the infused facial water). Added touches of apricot kernel oil, vitamins and trace minerals provide a wonderful aroma alongside the moisture and energising benefits, as well as yet again being paraben-free.

Nourishing Cleansing Balm 

This removes all traces of makeup (and we mean all traces) whilst nourishing the skin. Its natural, parabeen-free formula is enriched with oils and waxes to soften and cleanse your skin, while vitamins A, C and E give you an extra healthy boost. Yet again its the essentials oil that give it added luxury as it includes sweet Almond oil, Ylang Ylang, Mimosa, and Geranium.  This is not a light weight cleanser so even if you are not a big make up wearer, this is great to use in harsh winter or even summer weather to treat your skin.

Radiance Boosting Powder

The powder works by mixing with water (or try using the Infused Facial Water) to crate a small light foam which is applied to the face via a small ball sized sponge.  The sponge helps to deep cleanse and for those who prefer non grease based cleansers this may well be perfect the product. Again parabeen-free with Rose, Jasmine, and Neroli being the floral elements. Because this is clay based and the ball is a textured sponge, this is a good treatment as an extra cleaning step or for those with skin that is not too dry.

The Protective Moisturising Lotion

The moisturiser includes SPF 15 so can be used as an ideal everyday day cream. It is of course paraben-free and contains Damask Rose, Orange Blossom, and grapevine root. It’s delicate yet spreads exceedingly well across the face so the pump bottle is idea for allowing careful use. However as it is light, it acts as the kind of moisturiser that can be used several times as day if so wanted, because it won’t clog up pores.

The ultimate beauty of this range is that the floral elements have been used for their natural power and not just to boost the perception via overtly scented products. Flora at its most powerful.



If you feel more inclined to wear your florals, why not put a spring in your step with floral trainers?


Is a collection from the most recent collaboration between Liberty and Nike. Consisting of six classic shapes that have been given a floral twist using botanical prints with the starting point being a selection of prints found in the Liberty archive.

floral lib


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