Vivid: Future Creatives

By Jo Phillips

The past decade has seen a shift in modern illustration away from a purely decorative form of art to a far more engaging form of visual communication, commenting on popular culture, politics and modern society to name a few. The development of the internet along with social media has allowed illustrators to reach out to a new audience in a far more accessible way than was previously available. Many illustrators still work in traditional methods of printmaking and drawing, however the ease of blending both digital and analogue techniques now gives the latest hot illustrators of the 21st Century an extra je ne sais quoi.

Illustration Next brings together fifty of the leading illustrators from over twenty countries. Rather than showing you what is happening in the arts scene now, this book, made up of interviews, features and mini collaborative briefs between the artists, shows you what drives these creatives to create engaging and vibrant works of art. If you like us at .Cent, love keeping up with the worlds hottest new talent then this book is a must have!

Speed 2, Ekta and Olimpia Zagnoli
Speed 2, Ekta and Olimpia Zagnoli
Age, Marina Kharkover and Paul Loubet
Age, Marina Kharkover and Paul Loubet

 With the help of adult colouring books you are now able to create your own masterpieces. Whether you enjoy colouring intricate mandalas or famous hip hop stars theres guaranteed to be a book to suit your creative desires. Journalist and keen craft enthusiast Lisa Hughes is releasing a new range of adult colouring and craft books encouraging adults to not only colour in the detailed pictures but to then use these in craft projects creating bunting, gift tags, cards and other gorgeous items. The books, consisting of ten designs and twenty craft projects, are based around the themes of vintage, flowers, patterns and mandalas taking adult colouring books to the next level and inspiring you creative imagination. Spending an hour a day colouring in is now even believed to lower levels of stress and anxiety making it a win win situation!

Colouring & Craft Books by Lisa hughes
Colouring & Craft Books, Lisa Hughes

Illustration Next is published by Thames & Hudson and will be available to purchase from 14th July 2016

The Colouring and Craft Book series is published by Carlton Books and will be available from 14th July 2016

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