Vivid: Hair Raising

By Jo Phillips

A gloomy start to our British Summer time calls for some serious hair treatment and care, at Cent we thought that we would save you the time and provide you with some recently released hair products from brands that not only have a great heritage, but will also guarantee that you will be receiving the finest care for your hair.

BaByliss Diamond Smoothing Brush, £80 (2)

Taming frizzy hair can become a chore for many, especially during colder points in the year, but we think that Babyliss may have the solution to our frizz problems. The new Diamond Radiance Heated Smoothing Brush is a completely brilliant and innovative new release from Babyliss, the product is a brush that multi-tasks as a hair straightener. The brush is proven to completely relieve frizzyness and leave your hair looking straight, smooth and shiny. Unlike most regular straighteners, the brush does not leave your hair appearing lifeless and flat, it just smoothens the strands of hair from top to toe.


Control Cream-2

When using heat products on your hair, no matter how good they are, you must always ensure that you are protecting and treating your hair before and after to prevent any heat damage.

Rahua are very well known for creating excellent, high quality, green products that ensure the best benefits for the user. They have a few new releases which will be available to buy soon. Firstly the Control Cream Curl Styler, to be available 1st September, that is designed to hydrate hair and provide frizz control. This product is designed for those with curly hair that is medium to fine. The product will ensure that even the most stubborn of curls will behave, and it will also ensure that your hair will be left feeling healthy and strong.


Also from Rahua is the Hair Detox and Renewal Treatment (to be released 1st August), this fantastic product is 100% natural and Vegan and uses symbiotic Amazonian ingredients (handmade by people living deep in the Amazon Rainforest). The use of high quality natural ingredients ensures that the treatment leaves hair feeling silky and full of life, and the treatment process helps to strip the hair of any synthetic build up left over from other conventional hair products.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 16.48.52

Additionally, an already released product by Rahua that we highly recommend is the Elixir Daily Hair Drops With Gardenia Enfleurage. This product is pure and handmade by indigenous women living in the depths of the Amazon Rainforest, it contains omega-9 molecules that strengthen the hair follicles and increase the strength of your hair. With regular usage, your hair will be feeling silky, luxurious and strong in no time.

Images of morrocan oil JPEG REAL

Morrocanoil is another high quality brand that is well renowned for its products that are completely reliable and work their magic quickly. One of their award-winning products is the Morrocanoil treatments, they have one for all hair types and another specifically for those with fine or light coloured hair. The oils are proven to condition, strengthen and style the hair and ensure the best quality finish.

The Glimmer Shine Spray is another great product for treating your hair and leaving it feeling shiny and strong. The spray also helps to eliminate frizz and does not leave the hair feeling greasy or sticky, unlike a number of conventional hair products.

Finally, the Luminous Hairspray Strong is a must have for anyone who has struggled to find a hairspray that genuinely holds and does leave the hair feeling sticky and weighed down. This hairspray is light and weightless and does not leave a sticky residue, it leaves the hair feeling soft and strong ensuring that your hair will remain stay styled throughout the day.


Photographs: Rahua, Morrocanoil, and Babyliss.


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