VIVID: Immersive and Interactive Theatre Experiences

By Jo Phillips

Museum of London: Great Fire of London


fire fire

On Saturday the 23rd of July the Museum of London is opening an interactive exhibit called Fire! Fire!  This theatrical exhibition is aimed to engage the senses of museum-goers and teach them about the events that occurred before, during, and after the Great Fire of London in 1666. As you enter the exhibit on a projected Pudding Lane the night of the Great Fire with the hustling sound of busy Londoners walking through the streets. As you enter Thomas Farriner’s bakery, you are immediately shown the uncontrollable spreading of the fire all throughout the city of London.


Roundhouse: Utopia



Penny Woolcock, an award-winning filmmaker, artist, and writer has installed a Utiopia at the Roundhouse. Utopia presents the audience with a city “experienced through imagined environments peppered with narrative soundscapes that will reverberate with stories that are personal, political and pertinent to the parallel lives being lived in the world’s biggest cities.” Utopia displays the struggles of inequality throughout London by having visitors listen to the narratives of Londoners—who come from an unbelievably diverse range of backgrounds—in order to reveal the unseen stories hidden throughout the fascinating city of London.


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