Vivid: Looking at the Sun

By Jo Phillips

Whether the sun shines or not, we are constantly exposed to damaging radiation from the sun, even if we can’t see it. While getting a tan is probably ranked highest on most people’s wish lists for the summer time, as it makes you feel more confident and healthy, many skin experts will contradict and say you’ve never been more negligent with your skin health. Unfortunately, and painful to accept, any sun exposure is exceptionally bad for your skin. The UV emitted damages fibres in your skin called elastin, and with the burning and breaking down of these fibres, skin begins to sag, stretch, and lose its ability to return after stretching. It’s not just sun doing this either. Air pollution and even central heating systems are a threat to your skin as they mean your body loses the ability to regulate moisture levels.

But it’s okay, there are always ways to prevent this and there are many companies who dedicate their time to bring you products that tackle and minimalise skin damage from the sun. Begin with your skin as a whole and dowse all your exposed self in sunscreen with high SPFs. Zelens, run by Dr Marko Lens, internationally renowned in skin ageing and protection offers a range of new ultimate sun protection.

The Body Defence Sunscreen Satin Oil is a formula made up a number of ingredients with powerful active ingredients working to reduce formation of damaging free radicals and help repair DNA. Ingredients including vitamin E, essential oils and a botanical antioxidant complex, you are truly giving you skin the best treatment and nourishment it deserves.

 Daily Defence Sunscreen is enriched with powerful antioxidants preventing sun damage, reinforcing the skin’s natural barrier and combating signs of premature skin ageing. With easy absorption and a pleasant non-greasy, non-sticky texture, it’s the ideal companion for the summer. Apply to the face and neck as your last step in your daily skin care regime to carry the benefits around with you all day.zelens 3


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After this, it’s time to focus on the greater risk, and most exposed skin on your whole body – your face. The biggest fear for all make up buffs is definitely the fear of ageing skin, so it’s not uncommon for make up to now come with SPF already in the formula. ARK Skincare have a Skin Protector SPF30 Primer which not only provides an excellent base for the rest of your make up but protects against UVB and UVA rays, delivering results that protect, hydrate and glow.



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To achieve radiant skin on your face doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have any sun exposure at all in order to get that ‘summer-glow’, especially considering the weather England is receiving at the moment making it increasingly difficult . Korres recently released their Wild Rose Colour Correcting Cream SPF30 which combines five skincare benefits in one. Offering prime skincare and nude make up in a light, airy formula, the CC Cream reduces imperfections while hydrating and protecting the skin. With results of fresh, glowing, illuminated skin, who needs excessive and damaging sun exposure when you can get all the benefits and more with the Wild Rose cream, and on the more budget-friendly end of the spectrum it’s a great start to the beginning of this exceptionally dull July.



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To remove air pollution as your problem, and the worry that your office’s air conditioning unit is doing you more harm than good, look to ThisWorks’ In Transit Skin Defence. With day-long hydration and an anti-ageing formula with calming vitamin E, environmental skin stress doesn’t have to be a problem. It reduces symptoms of sensitive skin such as redness, swelling and itching and can often even skin tone and conceal imperfections you may be concerned about. The product is hailed as ‘a handbag hero’ and aids the preservation of your skin’s vitality and natural beauty.

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While this may seem to be an article entirely dedicated to slamming the sun and discouraging you from going outside this summer, it’s simply here to engage you on how best to protect yourself so as not to worry about horrible burn blisters and the risk of anything severe happening to your skin. We understand how important a trip to the beach is too, so here is the list of tools which you have to get your hands on for your migration to warmer shores. Bear & Bear are a company with the desire of fulfilling the needs and catering to individuals who love to explore as well as enjoy their time at home. With a vast array of products from homeware to hiking gear they are the ideal company to feature considering their selection of summer essentials. Get your beach kit ready with the Cotton Sun Canopy courtesy of Lovin Summer, a beautiful large canopy offering plenty of shade for the whole family, while still being effortlessly chic and practical on the beach. Beach Lulu bring us the large circular Beach and Pool Towels which seem to be growing with great popularity. In a variety of prints, you’re sure to find the perfect one to settle back and soak up the summer sun on. A major struggle while on holiday or somewhere hot, is the big risk we take when carrying expensive electrical devices with us and the chance the heat may damage the device, so the Camera Cooler by Polar comes as a bit of a god-send. The multifunctional bag is ideal for holding lunches, drinks and has compartments for your camera and lens to ensure your things stay safe and cool in the hot weather. And finally, get your tropic on with the latest Lomo’ Instant Honolulu Edition from Lomography. The fun palm print disposable camera is the perfect summer accessory to capture all your greatest summer moments.

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The importance of taking care of your skin in the sun can’t be expressed enough but with just a handful of helpful and useful products here, you’re bound to find the right ones for you.

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