VIVID: Resort 2017

By Jo Phillips

This season, designers have displayed creativity and wearability in their Resort 2017 collections. Taking inspiration from a variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics, the lines are extremely unique. Main themes include merging cultures, the 1960s-70s, mixing masculine and feminine pieces, and loose/airy fits. Check out 32 of the stunning Resort 2017 collections below.

ANTONIO BERARDIANTONIO BERADI Antonio Berardi’s Resort collection brings masculine and feminine pieces together. Specifically, the line contrasts feminine, bright colors- such as orange, pink, and white- with more masculine cuts and distressed fabrics.

ANTONIO MARRASANTONIO MARRASThis season in Resort 2017, mixing two cultures together has been prominent. Specifically in Antonio Marras’s line, French and Chinese influences are especially seen. By playing with striped French patterns along with kimono-inspired necklines, each item melds to create one cultural collection.

BALMAINBALMAINIn Balmain’s resort collection, the theme of “slouchy but sexy” is prevelant. Balmain layers loose items over each other, while also including a wide variety of dark, sensual colors- such as reds, blues, and purples- to achieve this theme.

BARBARA BUIBarbara Bui-2While many Resort collections are on the feminine side this year, Barbara Bui strays from the norm. The entire line consists of clothing that is very masculine, consisting of leather and tuxedo cuts. Overall, the collection intends to create the vision of a strong, powerful woman.

BLUMARINEBLUEMARINEThe words “romance” and “utility” come to mind when viewing Blumarine’s resort collection. Each item is airy and casual, while also a romantic color and fabric. For example, light pink and sky blue are used, along with silk and lace.

BOSSBOSSUnlike Boss’s usual structured clothing, its Resort collection happens to be fairly soft and feminine, including loose blazers, pants, and blouses. This collection, therefore, is extremely wearable, soft, and un-restricting.

BOTTEGA VENETABottega VennettaFor their Resort line, Bottega Veneta launched a collection perfect for everyday-wear. Using fur and leather in crisp colors, such as blue, yellow, and green, Bottega Veneta provides a bright, modern line.

CARVENCARVENWhen they introduced their collection, Carven’s creative directors explained the story behind it: a group of girls vacation at the Aeolian islands in Sicily and discover a treasure-trove of clothes belonging to one of their grandmothers. Hence the idea of 60s/70s inspired “granny grunge”. Loose dresses, faded oranges, whites, and browns, and unique accessories all give Carven its original look.

COACHCOACHMixing masculine and feminine pieces has been prevalent this season in Resort, especially with Coach 1941. Leather pants and boots, boxy jackets, and studs are all included in this quirky line, proving that a woman can have both a masculine and feminine side.

CHANELCHANELIn another case of a brand incorporating two cultures into their clothing, Chanel has infused both French and Cuban styles into one line. Holding the fashion show in Havana, the Cuba’s influence is seen, through bull-fighter style jackets, Spanish patterns and fabrics, and even the Cuban cigars on the runway.

CHRISTOPHER KANEC KaneUsing flowers as his muse, Christopher Kane mixes floral themes with classic, plaid patterns. These pieces reek regal beauty with a hint of “school girl” innocence.

DIORDiorAlthough raining on the day of the runway show, Dior’s Resort collection is light and summery. Using flowers, puffed sleeves, and vibrant reds and yellows, this line is extremely colorful and warm.

CREATURES OF THE WINDCREATURES OF THE WINDThe new Creatures of the Wind Resort line is full of contrasts: dark and light colors, heavy and airy fabrics, and romantic and eerie themes. Layering items that contradict each other is a common theme for 2017 Resort, and Creatures of the Wind definitely embodies this.

DAVID KOMADAVID KOMADavid Koma’s resort line is centered around dark, graphic clothing that still remains feminine. Metallics, zig-zags, zippers, and dimensional cuts are included to bring a rock-and-roll energy to the line.

ERDEMERDEMErdem combines two opposite cultures into one line: those of Japan and the American Old West. Using Japanese flowers and prints on top of Western inspired fabrics and styles (such as heavy ponchos and7 jackets), these two regions/time periods have been intertwined.

ERMANNO SCERVINOermanno scervinoWhen asked about his Resort line, Ermanno Scervino said they were looking for the “summer fur”, and that they have found! Using silk, Ermanno Scervino has created jackets perfect for the spring/summer, along with other spring/summer inspired clothing- including floral elements.

EMILIO PUCCIEMILLIO PUCCIEmilio Pucci’s Italian inspired Resort collection can be spotted by not only its unique hats, but vibrant color use. Loose layers, ruffles, and bright reds, pinks, and blues allow for the line to be bright and elegant.

HOUSE OF HOLLANDHOHInspired by a story of teenage rebels on the streets of Mexico, House of Holland uses Spanish designs, such as hearts and flowers, to emphasize the story. Using vibrant reds, pinks, yellows, and blues along with baggy, daily wear, House of Holland truly encompasses the theme.

HOLLY FULTONHFHolly Fulton’s uses playful, mosaic prints, 60s and 70s cuts, and vibrant colors to make a statement. Although unique, however, Holly Fulton aimed to make the line wearable and commercial, using cotton material.

ISA ARFENIsa ArfenAnother line based off the 1960s-70s time period, Isa Arfen uses eccentric cuts to separate themselves from the norm. Specifically, off-the-shoulder shirts, mod dresses, and plaid helps the line mold to its retro theme.

KALITAKalitaKalita’s Resort collection this year is wearable, baggy, and creative. Interesting pairings, such as t-shirts with skirts, along with intriguing sayings, mainly “I left my heart in St. Barths”, allows Kalita to attract attention from the comfort-loving masses.

MISSONIMissoniPlayful patterns, muted purples, yellows, and blues, and a loose fit allows for Missoni’s Resort line to be classy and effortless. Each piece is very romantic and perfect for beach-wear.

MOSCHINOMoschinoMoschino’s psychedelic 1960s inspired collection has dropped jaws. Each color is bright and spirited, each pattern is Indian influenced and random, and the entire line is upbeat and simply fun.

PAULE KAPaula KaPaule Ka‘s Resort collection is extremely creative, as it is based on an African safari. This theme is visualized through the safari hats, animal prints, feathers, etc., enhancing the cosmopolitan-African vibe.

RED VALENTINOR ValentinoIncluding pale, simple colors and nature-based, extravagant designs, Red Valentino draws people into their intricate work. From patterns trees to flowers, Red Valentino’s collection is truly original and stunning.

RAG & BONER&BRag & Bone’s Resort collection this year is extremely sporty and wearable. Including letterman jackets and sneakers, along with pale blouses and muted colors, Rag & Bone is very commercial this season.

ROBERTO CAVALLIRoberto CavalliBoho-chic has been very popular at the moment, and Roberto Cavalli made a line that reflects this trend perfectly. 1970s-hippie inspired, Roberto Cavalli’s use of fringe, vivid colors in random, tribal patterns, designed scarves, and large belts brings together this animated, bohemian collection.

SACAIsacaiSacai’s Resort collection explores the idea of “opposites attract” in a fresh way. The brand highlights a contrast between utilitarian, structured military jackets, dresses, and pants and bright pinks, oranges, and greens.

VERSACEVersaceVersace had a creative vision when it came to its Resort line and decided to take people on a trip around the US. Beginning with New York, Versace includes primary colors and blacks, while the midwest and south consists of tans and oranges and, lastly, California, has edgy designs and bright pinks/yellows. This creative theme is reflected on Versace’s stunning collection.

ZAC POSENZac PosenZac Posen’s Resort collection can be summarized in 2 words: simple and sleek. Straight lines, dark grys and blacks, and geometric designs allows for Zac Posen’s line to be perfectly polished.

ZUHAIR MURADZuhair MuradIncorporating countless lively colors and floral patterns, Zuhair Murad supplies a unique, 70’s inspired collection that embraces bohemian looks. Boldly designed and loose, Zuhair Murad’s resort collection is certainly wearable.

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